What Happens When We Die?


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The poet died today.

I mourn more for the person whose passing went unnoticed.

I think the poet would understand.

She is still very much alive.

The best thing about believing in a soul of electricity is that noone ever dies. We never go away. Any of us. We’re all still in the world.
I’ve written about the bundle of current that constitutes our soul, our most basic frequency and patterns, the nature of our most true impulses. 

When I held the bird in my hand and it shuddered and died with its beak open wide and the sight left its eyes and something flew away with that shuddering final breath. I knew it was more than air. 
Electricity doesn’t just disappear, you know.
It can be conducted in all sorts of fascinating and beautiful ways.

Of course, it must be frightening to die when we love our lives. Maybe that’s where ghosts come from, when we love our lives or aren’t quite finished? That seems to be a fairly common conception. Resolve the unresolved and get rid of the ghost.  Yup.  That’s how it works in the movies.

.Back to the soul as electricity, I suspect that this is measurable and quantifiable in someway. We do, after all have heartbeats and brainwaves and all sorts of little pulses and flows that make up our world. Working from the perspective that human consciousness is the culminate of signal and code and reinforced interpretation, all reliant upon electricity and having corresponding electrical characteristics, one can begin to consider that – in addition to the tips of our fingers and the specific correlates of our DNA – we may well have a unique body of electrical activity (an electrical thumbprint) and that this is shaped by our experiences and what they reinforce.Thus, when our physical bodies die, all that bundled electricity flies out of us and out into the world. Where it lands, nobody knows.

Of course, you then have to consider the implicit supposition that electricity can possess intention – perhaps it just is what it is and it does what it does and that becomes what it is (circuitous! ha!) and it can join up with whatever reinforcing current it is attracted to and stimulate (in the case of ghosts) recognition in the form of human consciousness and interpretation.

I don’t know.

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