It is so unfortunate that one should have to write such things.

Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 13:17:21
To: 55 55
Subject: Regarding Faith

Hello five-fivers,

I hope everyone had or will have a wonderful trip home.

I need to let you all know something. For the past several years, I have been working on a number of projects. None of them are dangerous or violent. I have a lot of ideas though, about how things work and how to work things out and have applied this sort of thinking to broad systems of profit and power in ways that have come to be identified as threatening or – most absurdly – “terrorist.” I am a known supporter of the efforts of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street and have been independently involved in those efforts for the past two years. No, I am not a hacker. I’m just a storyteller and storymaker.

I have been known to issue direct challenge to agencies of influence, e.g. I sent the reflection I posted on facebook directly to the APA.

Such informal general correspondence would normally be disregarded by such an organization.  However, because my name is Faith Rhyne and because I am who I am and have – in ways quite public – said what I’ve said, well…that puts me in something of a risky position, as all the APA would have to do is fabricate some concern and call the FBI, which is (terrifyingly) not as ridiculous as it sounds. I also know that such things have been known to occur, with different actors and through different mechanisms.

How many poets became outlaws?

They wouldn’t do that would they? If they did, would you help me? 

There is ample fodder for a really big stink.

Here is an excerpt from another reflection:

I figured that I would probably cry on the trip up to Philadelphia, the first time I’d gone anywhere alone in a very long time and a statement of my full reclamation of the truth of my story…a decisive step forward in all ways.

My trip to Occupy APA was and continues to be a Big Deal.

The part the paper didn’t mention was that, as I held my Label (“Chemical Imbalance”) up, I spoke these words:

“23 years ago, I was given a label. They did not tell me I was a genius, but they knew. Instead, they told me I was sick, that I had a “chemical imbalance” and that changed my life. I learned the truth and…APA you didn’t kill me…I’m still alive and WE WILL WIN!”

I suppose it sounded a bit rantish. Possibly even alarming to a conservative mind.

The ideas that are put forth by the American Psychiatric Association do, literally and figuratively, kill people. Many of the psychiatrists within the APA have prescribed, coerced, and forced treatments that kill human beings.

It’s frightening to me that I am so powerless, that my truth – as strong as it is – proves nothing in their minds. It frightens me more that, in speaking my truth, I put myself at risk.

At this point, all it would take was a phone call. 

“We have some concerns that we need to inform you of.”

Don’t they understand that I am aware of the concerns? That I wrote them in? I wrote myself to be concerning, in order to prove that, really, I am just a regular person doing regular things. 

I have the inalienable right to:
 think what I want to think 
                               to feel as I feel
                                                                                                                     and to say what I say.

Nobody can deny me that right.

However, they may try…by fabricating concern and threat, by taking me away, by holding me down and by forcing chemicals into my body that impair the way my brain functions.

That frightens me. That could destroy me and it would tear my children to pieces.

Does that sound extreme? It has certainly happened before.

Remember 2010?

I will not let anyone take me anywhere, as I’ve done nothing wrong and I am quite sound as I make that assertion.

Though it is unfortunate that one must make such statements, it is necessary in fighting the fear that they create to quiet and control people.  I don’t like that fear. I will not live within it. 

I will not be quiet.

Is there really anything to say?

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