The Night That Charlotte Danced

We can all dance.

“The organizers hope to work with local party promoters and musicmakers to offer residents and visitors to Charlotte, NC an opportunity to reclaim the streets of the Queen City in celebration of the fact that, if nothing else, we can still dance.

We need your help. It is going to be a long, hot Summer and a lot of folks won’t get to have much fun. They won’t be able to afford a vacation this year. Their homes may go into foreclosure. The cost of daycare went up again and the car overheated on I-85.

Sometimes they turn off the dance music on the radio, because it just feels too weird to cry in your car with dance music playing.

Other times they listen to those songs and sing along as loud as they can. They are ‘that person’ – the one who is dancing in their car on the way to work, feeling happy and brave for a minute. They are driving a little fast and they feel alive.

What a wonderful feeling, to feel alive. Most of the songs on the radio are about feeling alive, about loving people and standing up for what you believe in…and about the simple dream of everything being somehow alright in the world. A lot of songs are about dancing, about what it means and how it moves us. 

It is understood that the idea of the Queen City dancing is a little bit lofty.

It might even be absurd – to think that if, somehow, the right words were said in the right way to the right people, that all over Charlotte people could be dancing, in streets, in homes, in backyards and community centers, in old folks homes and in playgrounds.

Dance Party DEMCON is non-partisan and can be whatever people need it to be to have fun and feel safe, to feel free. This will vary from dance party to dance party, from dancer to dancer. Which is why we need your help to make The Night that Charlotte Danced the best night it could possibly be for everyone involved, which is all of us.

Many people do not know how to have fun anymore. They do the same thing every day and they feel the same thing every day and, frankly, the thought of going to a big public dance party might seem a little…scary? 

Who’s afraid to dance?

There is no need to feel scared to dance.  

Dance Party DEMCON is an organizing effort on behalf of people who really could care less about the Democratic National Convention and are protesting the effects that the established Military Industrial Complex has had on our economy, our environment, our quality of life and the history of our future. We do not expect that all of Charlotte will join us in protesting the Military Industrial Complex through jubilant dancing. However, the reason that we dance extend to all Americans: We are Free.  

Please consider how you and your friends might help to promote a Free to Dance Party on June 2, 2012. It is important that it be recognized that this is not about politics. Although this idea was born in response to the costly and stifling security measures that are being taken by Charlotte to ensure that the Democratic National Convention is well-accommodated, the need to dance is not a protest, but an affirmation…we are alive, and we are free to dance. We are protesting the fact that Charlotte neighborhoods and public services are grievously underfunded while the politicians visiting NC are welcomed with a red carpet.”

How long has it been since you danced in the street with your friends and neighbors?

Is there really anything to say?

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