The New Word for "Psychosis" is RECKONING.

reck·on·ing  (rk-nng)

1. The act of counting or computing.
2. An itemized bill or statement of a sum due.
3. A settlement of accounts: a day of reckoning.

a. The act or process of calculating the position of a ship or an aircraft.
b. The position so calculated.

In the meantime, there is a man in Canada who is, as I did, trying to persuade a recognition of God-form through images of cloud form. He’s posting comments like this on facebook. What does one say to this?

wise man stood under falling water then with his hand he placed on my head a crown only thou Thomas have been given the medicine of the Earth with its power to lift the sick head only you can heal yet the proud must stand down with the grace of God in acknowledgement of the life stolon yet they know you have answer will stand in defense of their ignorance that will cost the price of humanity upon their fellow man as they play with you Thomas they will soon relies that I play with them they lay trap yet their clock is ticking Thomas for man has made his end before due through his ignorance he has brought down the spirits of the sky upon himself for my warriors he treats now fade in shadow as the demons rise to power the devils own army that shall slay and mane until all are running in rivers of blood. only two world left to come Thomas and the wars begin. Though’s who came from afar to stay here on Earth have failed their purpose and shall fall from the sky’s as the beings of darkness come forth upon the earth for those of a higher intelligence shall pay the highest price as their own minds destroy them within their minds for through the corridors of spiraling colours their enemy’s come for man shall stand by though’s here as the next world arrives for they shall know God has spoken before the first man dies. I did stand to send you back to man with knowledge that the 7 cannot understand, For the scripts from the beginning of time where placed before you so know in their game they cut their own head clean from they rotting flesh for they are their judge and jury and they have chosen death for all. They didst fail me as you. For you all they had do was ask talk yet they hid and lied so money would flow from their greedy little sweaty plams with the cost of 1000s of lives having z I used to listen, rapt and eager, to his words; for, though he spoke in simple language, his conversation was replete with vivacity, life, and earnestness. He recognized from my own talk that I was given to books of the horoscope-casters, but he, in a kind and fatherly way, advised me to throw them away and not to spend idly on these vanitiet you are the only living man to see speak with the Mother as come upon the Earth in sight of all evil he shall slay the beast to bring this world to its end. They play with you Thomas and today I give you one thing the power to rip them from sky’s as I gave them knowdge to come I give you the power to not see hear them yet know their every move and if your desire be Thomas to tear their ships from the sky so be it. One last thing Thomas if they stop you thinking anymore I shall bring upon the them the HO-GH-U Y-DRAG to slay all and your recovery shall matter not for the fools play with you and the Father has sent us to potect you or take you to him if that be your wish NOW PLAY with me using sirens and I will rip your car from the ground Drikon
Damaged  xi he come’s calling your name from the shadows you created for your life he shall play torment with as your creation shall be your nightmare Ms soft you world shall fall into despair your clock ticks and soon nothing can stop what comes as the end nears pray and put right your wrong for your blood drips from this spirts sword before it is pulled from scrab

I read this as one might read something akin to poetry. Is this from a book or is it a perspective you’ve shifted into? 
Although I am not sure that such missives will be appreciated as such by all, I thank you for posting your truth. It is, though in different words and different phrase, a truth that many grapple with. 
Last night, I wrote about the pathology of grace and I took a picture of a cloud that looked like a dragon. I wonder if some would believe that, by telling you of such synchronicities, I am “inappropriately reinforcing psychosis.” 
I wonder if, as a Peer, I ought to advise you to be careful with your dangerous gifts and speak mindfully of your experience and your truth?
It is difficult to reckon with such things, to read aloud words such as those you posted and to find meaning and indication in them. How does this fit into my own experience and my own truth? How does my experience and my own truth fit into how I want to shape my life, as a Peer and an advocate, to assert myself as a “regular person doing regular things.”  Redefining regular is a tricky little task.
In my own way, I think I understand. Thank you for bravely sharing your truth, what makes sense to you, with us. 
One thing that I have found is that it is vital to keep ourselves grounded and well, to remember that the world as we may sometimes understand it is not the world as it is understood by many – even those that try to be compassionate and open-hearted sometimes struggle with how such messages fit into our dialogues about sanity and madness. 
It is a matter, I believe, of grasping the world in the span of big time and in recognizing that people have spoken such madness for thousands of years, across all cultures and languages and that, somehow, madness is born of something as timeless as the sky itself. 
I often wonder if it is not the simple conflict between context and perspective that makes the mad seem so…mad. How does a writing such as this fit into the world as we know it? In the midst of my own experiences with “psychosis” (which can be, in essence, a crisis of sense and spirit and meaning) I tried to explain that I had fallen into what I termed “Big Time” and a distinct gestalt universality that severed my ability to see the current consensus reality as anything more than a confused and misinformed blip in the span of the history of a beautiful and complex world.
I think that there is value in such an expansive view…if we are able to learn how to frame it all in a way that does not destroy our ability to exist in the world as it is. Which is, admittedly, a challenge. How do we hold our own truths in a way that does not destroy us and, with us, the truths that we carry in our hearts?
As a Peer, it is important to me to find ways to hold it all in perspective. Perspective is, after all, what is all about. 
If you ever wanted to share ideas re: how to hold it all together so that we don’t end up lost and exalted in our own understanding of what it means to be fleetingly human in a very old world…please feel free to get in touch.
There are a lot of factors that affect our experiences, steers them and structures their meaning in the world within and the world external. It can be a lot to navigate. Be careful and be well.
The spirits say Abdul as the conversant General along with his troops shall face their work as those now under the torture shall rise to bite at the keepers in numbers un expected. These are the names they speak of at the hospital the spiri…See More
The Kiss
Two clouds kiss for the camera
Damaged Or could it be this All film made by me. While drugged 5 words a day. Now a life for a child because a dr is so ? he can’t see past his nose medication kills the spirit ask them
Part of the Animation I put together using cloud formation. Over 100 hours of cutting photos to run togetherNo more of this yet the devils rises as all the good get treated along with the bad who get caught help I need treatment GOD is getting angry
The Spirits in the sky talk while all the beings flea. The forgotten importance….See More
5 hours ago
UFO The Craft comes
I saw their ship cross our sky’s. The craft while come down upon many heads soon
‎(This is long. Please take the time to read it. I’ll post one of my “Proving God With Clouds” videos in a bit. I got a little mutual aid with this, but I think I needed to write about it and so thank you.)
(Peer to Peer)
You know, because I am in recovery from crises of a prescient spiritual nature and because I look at clouds all.the.time and do now believe in the workings of the world…well, this is tough. You say to remove you as a friend as you seek not to offend, but it is not offense that makes this thread hard for me to read. You know that you are not the only one who sees form in the clouds and feels story in their mind. I myself have videos, and reams of words and thousands of pictures and the basic message is the same, though I didn’t trust my own thinking as far as names and places, though there were allusions and declarations, a strange fumbling jumble of what made sense at the racing time. I was a voice in the wilderness, too – as you are now, posting of streets and blood and, strangely, Edmonton. I was certain that a font of life lay in the Gulf of Mexico, which isn’t so peculiar. I was upset about oil spills, the movement of machinery under the water.
I’m sorry. I’m a little bit triggered right now and I suppose that is at the heart of the matter. I’m triggered as a person who is certain that I found God or that God found me and I’m triggered as a survivor because your words remind me of the press of death I felt and I am triggered as a Peer who has a deep loyalty to those I finds as Mad Kin, people who – in their own way – have stories that mirror or dovetail with my own. 
I’m sitting here thinking about you,  and in my way I am sending you light. I guess some people would call that praying for a person. Because I found it to be unhelpful for me to try to sort out the idea of angeIs and names, and shapes and form in story, I just began thinking in very simple terms of currents and characteristics of good and bad and noisome static. To me, like to Faraday and so many others, there is God in nature and pattern. That makes sense to me. It helps me to feel calm to think about science. Even writing the names of these brave thinkers helps me to feel calm. 
Though I am still extremely triggered because I read the urgency in your words and I know how it feels to post up images and hopehopehope that somehow someone will notice and will recognize and will just tell people, “Please, we have to stop. The world is crying, the old ones are outraged. Please we have to stop.” My God, of all Gods by any name, the weight of that hope that somehow they will see and that everything will just somehow be alright. I am at the edge of weeping right now and…that is okay. It’s just part of how the world works. 
Thinking about how the world works helps me to feel calm. Deep breath. I say this to myself, because telling myself to breath helps me to feel calm. Sometimes I do a meditation in which I imagine all the water in all the air I breathe being infused with perfect clarity and equilibrium and I picture that light in the air as it enters my blood and I think about all the little networks that connect every cell and I ask that anything out of balance or toxic be reached and that it be brought into ease and strength. I picture myself breathing out the bad, and think of it just returning to the earth to rejoin all else and eventually be transformed as all things are. 
That helps me to feel calm…as does writing, which is why I write so much. Keep writing. 
I don’t know what I was going to say, other than thank you for being in the world and for being alive and for being brave enough to face the truth as you feel it and then to understand. I think so much of the manifestation of madness is the effort to understand, to give name or motive or method to what we slowly and suddenly begin to feel. It’s enormous…it is the history and the future of the world. Anyone who has ever held such a thing within their mind and heart is bound to be a bit alarmed and flummoxed. 
Knowledge is a gauntlet we have to run. It’s always been that way, in every story. 
My phone messed up as I was talking and this is what it wrote:
E abte oonof’enh. Mdynu ec 
It sounds like a language. 
I think this little talk should be read, because it brings up some very important things. People might laugh or jeer or call crazy, but hopefully the words will find their ways to the people who need to hear them most, all those folks out in the wilderness of the world as we know it.
I will not un-friend you. You do not offend me. People need to talk about this. It is vital.

Fortunately, they are. All over the place, they are figuring it out.

Is there really anything to say?

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