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Well, I’d really like effective people to sit down and speak honestly with the people running this show. There are ways – some more orderly than others – to deconstruct the current systems and many solutions are available. 

The problem is that these systems are caught in some wretched entropy of hideous ideas, fear, stress, and malfeasant power. They are, in many ways, self-perpetuating and metastatic in nature. Thus, a conscientious decision must be made to disengage from the processes of culture and economy that are bringing about the certain end of life as we know it and causing epochs worth of damage to the planet and to our collective specied biological genomes. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. 

The only way for one to make a conscientious, reasonable decision is for one to approach things as a conscientious and reasonable person. The systems themselves undermine conscience and reason. Therefore, those capacities must be nurtured, and the barriers to them removed, before meaningful steps can be taken in persuading the fascists of profit and power to step down, go away, let people fix it. 

So, talk to them. A lot of people need to talk to them. All at once and one by one. In the event that they will not listen, steps may need to be taken to disrupt their economies, and possibly disturb the integrity of their governing data. I don’t know anything about any of that. It’s just a logical conjecture re: possible responses. 

Me? I’m all talk.
1:52am Jun 15
Eugenics is what we are fighting against, because what they are doing – in regard to psychiatry among other systems -amounts to phenocide and genomicide. They are changing the human genome. We are evolving, right now, for better or for worse.

This is not alarmist. This is not conspiracy. This is real. It’s a simple fact.


Very wise words. Yes, I have had to craft some fairly extensive skills of discernment and reality-straddling in order to manage to simultaneously be a mother, a professional, an activist, a community member, a vocal survivor, and a reckoning believer. It’s a little ridiculous, actually, the extent to which I have somehow managed to hold all of this together and still be quite collected. I consider that to be the workings of the universe, as there is NO WAY that a person could have come from where I was last Spring to where I am now without some significant casted intervention. It’s all algorithms and the sacred geometry of the world at work.

I am inclined to continue pushing voice forward, because I think that I could help a great many people. Yes, I think it would be a shame to squander inspired universal intent on something like getting obsessed with Barack Obama and his malfeasant career – just as it would be foolish of me to go all out on a campaign to dismantle the military industrial complex. However, everything I do is toward that end, because that is an end that I see as being necessary for the future of the world. It is possible, however, that we are at the edge of the dark ages and that the things which must fall will fall, hopefully by their own hand and the inevitable truth that dysfunctional systems tend to destroy themselves eventually.

The issue is this: does it happen orderly or does it happen in catastrophe and what will the long-term cost be?

I just want to help. The ways that I might best be able to help have everything to do with the story that was given to me and the skills I have learned in living it. I am still determining trajectory, but really – I try to keep my will on the backburner, as it is not really about me. I have learned to recognize the emotions of discernment and have found some strong logical processes to help me to reckon with what is worth my energy, what the right thing to do is, how to re-orient if I get off track. For quite sometime, I was something of a bull in a china shop. Which is fine, because learning our way through the gauntlet of knowing and living is something that people have been doing for thousand of years. Reckoning connects me to my humanity and to the history and future of the world. It makes me feel alive. That is not lunacy. It is Grace.

Things are going to get mightily strange around here within the next little bit of time. The world is rising and coming out of the dark is always full of *blinking*. People will be scared and when people are scared they sometimes do not think clearly.

Some of those most fearful have at their disposal weaponry that could destroy everything in ways that will last and last and which may change the future of the planet forevermore. That is very disturbing to me. They have shown that they have no qualms about killing, no qualms about destruction. They are dangerous.

When I remember that, I get cold. Then I work through the fear with reason and solution.

We do not get to live without Truth. We must reckon with it. We must tell it and we must nurture it. How we do that, however, takes many different forms. So, for example, we sing songs, we make art, we go out on limbs and we shake hands, we talk, we write letters. We identify the message and we find others who carry it and who speak it well and we do not stop voicing, we do not stop working. We will be rewarded…not in the accoutrements of notoriety that may likely come to some, those things are not reward but a contextual resource of variable value. We are rewarded in the warmth of the knowledge that we are serving our purpose as it was handed to us by the mind and heart of all things true and eternal, by Nature and by God, All and The Same. We feel it in our bones and in our minds. Love is not a delusion. Love is a current that was born with the world itself and which rose alongside it. It is a frequency and a field and particular arrangement of a few vastly simple variables. It is everywhere and it affects everything that is alive and electric. It is clarity and hope undistilled. It is golden. It is a feeling that is worth more than any fleeting tangible.

We do not have to be loud, but we cannot be quiet.


Mania-schmania. Yes, I got a little hyper-verbose myself last night. That’s very self-affirmed of you to reckon with the possibility that you have, as a function of your unique humanity, a cast role in defeating the forces that are steering all this so poorly. Usually when people say such things, particularly if they have the misfortune to carry a psychiatric label, they are discounted as being psychotic or megalomaniac. Which is rubbish, as every saint or prophet in every story ever told, at some point felt a clear calling, a divine purpose. It’s all contextual. Of course, most saints and prophets weren’t exactly treated kindly as they bore the work they were handed. They were killed and then only hundreds of years later did the church decide that they were worthy of recognition for the knowledge they held and fought for. Here’s to all the saints and prophets, by any name, recognized or not… 

There is a fellow in Canada who is running off the rails with his reckoning right now and probably hundreds of other voices in the wilderness. 

The role of spirit and madness is no joke.  People are beginning to realize that. I’d really like to have a series of productive talks with the global interfaith community about this topic. It’s fairly important. 

Be well and I’ll post the Sun Activity page when I can track it down again.

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