Miscellaneous Perspective on Enlightenment and Other Complications

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The Self-Illuminated Human

“Throughout human history, individuals and groups with awakening consciousnesses have been striving to break the code of the unconscious, to gain access to the locked programs of their unconscious minds and revise them, in other words – to take conscious control of their psychospiritual evolution. The three great “consciousness-raising” traditions of the world, psychology, mysticism, and religion, have always been about this to some degree, however unconsciously and unwittingly. In the psychological tradition, this is part of the aim of psychotherapy, hypnosis, and psychoactive drugs. In the mystical tradition this is part of the aim of meditation and yoga. In the religious traditions, this is part of the connection with God. In this regard, PsychoNoetics and to an extent, other “clearing strategies” do not stand alone. They are recent efforts in a great lineage of awakening that will continue to evolve as long as humanity continues to evolve…” (For the entire essay, please visit Dr. Eisen’s site)


4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Perspective on Enlightenment and Other Complications

  1. In the meantime, a mentor and I had a nice little facebook discussion on the generally divergent paradigms of human understanding as they relate to the concept of Enlightenment:  

    “… I’m not into enlightenment- gimme the old time religion, the cthonic earthy ecstatic based religion of Aphrodite, Kali, Hecate. Persephone, Ariadne and Dionysus and Shiva, Odin and the unruly, as yet named deities that are emerging in our midst.(-: and some loving serenity from Kwan Yin and Jesus when rest is needed.”

    Thanks for the fun little romp among the god-names of old with new.

    Yeah, my knee jerk view was “Here’s a fellow who has co-opted Illuminati imagery and made up some new words…” (Note: I have also co-opted Illuminati imagery and made up some new words and so this observation wasn’t necessarily a negative thing, but such things do present barriers in the functional conveyance of ideology/perspective.) 
    Reading through “The Self-Illuminated…” I recognized that familiar thematic core: that humans have been deluded in their understanding of what it means to be human and that ways the human process unfolds is tampered with by systems of profit and power that would not be well-served by an “enlightened” populace. 

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got that.  

    What is different is that this guy has established affiliation with driving elements of the global transformation, is followed by some Anon channels on twitter, and has effectively twined the evolution of human consciousness with the revolution of human commerce.

    It is a shame that enlightenment is seen as radical esoterica, the language of which (no matter what is being said) fails again and again to engage the so-called masses. I wish the folks who have “figured it out” so to speak would get over themselves and talk plain so that people can hear the truth of what it is that they are saying and understand it in a way that may be useful/helpful/inspiring to them in the context of their lives as they are currently conceptualized. 

    Oh, enlightment – it seems that an ironic side effect of such is to use big words that are hard for people to understand outside of an insular epistemological circle jerk. 

    (The phrase ‘epistemological circle jerk’ is an example of using the language of philosophy in ways that actually obfuscate meaning, rather than clarify it. However, most people understand what circle jerk means.) 

    “I know where you faithfully labor in the vineyard of applied compassion is where real people hurt. Herman Hesse wrote- magistar ludi- the glass bead game, about an illuminati master’s first act of service for another after a lifetime of self absorbed acquisition of esoteric knowledge- and how he realized his mistake as he himself was dying as he was saving another drowning person’s life. “

  2. Thank you.

    Since the publishing of Omnius Manifesto on October 18, 2011–a day after Occupy Wallstreet went viral–this work has expanded to nine related essays that bring clarity to the real cause of humanity’s plight, and shows how to positively embrace and redirect human nature to prevent humanity from destroying itself. Energy Backed Currency is just one element, but together, these essays form a comprehensive meta-solution which can move the world from the grips of its present scarcity-based economy to a rapidly transformative one based upon abundance. This body of work is an economic reality of human nature that can be referred to as HUMANOMICS; it is a gift for the world to embrace.

    The paper, “HUMANOMICS – A Whole Systems Approach to Economics – From An Energy-Backed Currency to a Consciousness-backed Culture Through Redefining Profit” was presented July 12th, 2012 in Split, Croatia at the Tesla Conference on Energy Currency. To watch a video recording of the presentation and download it and the updated version of the paper behind it, please visit http://humanomics.us.

  3. Thank you, Dr. Eisen, for your work in linking ideas and inspiring multilateral micro/macro rEvolution and reconsiderations of the function and mechanics of our participation in the world. As you may have gleaned, I somewhat stumble around in ideas and this weblog is a record of my own clumsy process of self/world illumination. The other night, I came across your essay in the corner of a Retep ( http://www.retepsrevenge.com/) update and, as so often happens over the past year, was struck by the resonance of the ideas you put forth. “Oh,” I thought, “here’s another person who figured it out.” I’m thankful, however, that you have the apparent wherewithall to express it and to synthesize both practical and theoretical applications of the sense you’ve garnered.

    There has been a great deal of discussion about the role of so-called mental health in the broad revolution and it is clear that a major impediment in the efforts to initiate a liberative reevaluation of our human condition/function/action rests in the fact that our conceptions of what it even means to be human within the world have been significantly distorted, in measurable ways, by our histories and their effects. As a participant in the Occupy movement, I saw/see the ways that the brightly bold intentions of the human heart awakened were/are undermined by the effects of living within the cultures of economies that put a price-tagged label on near every element of our lives and immerse us negativistic patterns of act/react, offend/defend.

    As an aside, there has been talk in some radical mental health circles about a revival of the ideas re: collective human potential (http://www.madinamerica.com/2012/07/a-collective-human-potential-movement/) and it seems to me that these ideas – in correlation with those that you and others present – could be instrumental in (finally) shifting the language that delineates our human experience toward nurturing a specied recognition of the ways that we are all the same.

    I look forward to learning more about your work and ideas and appreciate that you offer your ideas as a gift to be shared.
    In Solidarity.

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