Things I Took On The Airplane…

Exhibit A: plant material

Exhibit B: dried plant material

Exhibit C: more dried plant material

Exhibit D: a lighter

Exhibit E: a bag full of sharp objects in the form of security tags…

…that I accidentally took from the counter of an airport gift shop where I purchased this:

Moustache Mood Ring, which I believe may be magical, as it aptly identified me as being caught between passion and fear, with mild anxiety around the edges. The predominant color, however, was the dark red of passion and I’m inclined to think that said passion is held for things like the belief that a moustache mood ring can be magical and that somehow good ideas can save the world from bad ideas.


The first person I spoke to when the plane landed was the person I wrote to when my world was falling apart and blowing wide open and my heart was breaking over it all. I was afraid that I might end up alone and insane, caught inside myself. He wrote back and said he liked the pictures I took of the stairs. He was kind to me when I desperately needed someone to be kind to me.

He is a friend in the world. Mad kin. It was wonderful to see so many people I consider to be part of my dispersed community, my scattered family. It is strange, at times, to reckon with the closeness I feel with relative strangers.

I use the term relative as a double entendre, meaning that compared to people we’ve shared more time with, they are strangers, and yet we are related, as the time we’ve spent alone in our lives, the times we’ve been adrift, the times we’ve been frightened, well…we somehow shared those times together. Though we didn’t realize it at the time, those times would be what bring us into knowing who our most true friends might be and gave us the grace to recognize them when we see them.

Sitting outside of the Museum of Natural History last Friday night, I was affirmed, yet again, in the fact that my musings about language and spirit, consciousness and the rudiments of pattern and story are really not quite so far-fetched. In fact, there are many people who’ve devoted their lives work to explaining such things.

I knew that there were people who knew about this sort of thing. Of course, it’s not like they are hard to find. The internet is full of theories, and some of them are even good ones. However, the problem with theories is that anyone can come up with one, whether or not they know what they are talking about.

Take me, for example…

Some people can create theories that are really other theories with some details changed to support some personal interest or investment that they may have. Some people can even make up theories to support their theories and package them with all sorts of gloss and subtle innuendo.

I prefer my theories raw and logical, standing up to the rigors of proof. Yes, I do realize the seeming absurdity of me claiming a loyalty to logic. However, that is one of the tricks here, the presentation and experimentation with poor logic for the purpose of clarifying what is actually sound.

Proof, in and of itself, can be a very subjective matter.

Is there really anything to say?

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