The Fun Band Formula

???????????????????????????????A Broken Statement on the Formula by Which the Band Fun ( won a Grammy

The layered dialectics between a bar, being carried home by someone who apparently inflicted a scar, while friends are hanging out in the bathroom doing things that you’d rather not and the glamour imparted by the words “Empire State” preceding the roused triumphant chorus like at a baseball game, in measure like a small barroom chant and with a little bit of tension in the word “Fire” (because pop songs are the only place you can actually talk about setting things on fire) The appeal to middle class and working/unemployed class American life, with knowing just it feels to look into the eyes of a child born of your sister’s bad decisions. Emotar hooks based on memories of the 80’s in genre form, with elements of the anthemic 70’s performed surprisingly well by a concept crew of young men flexibly shifting from one postmodern re-personification of one modal stereotype to another, all representing elements of the imagined personality structures within the young continental man of recent history and possibly the immediate future, which is already history.

Is there really anything to say?

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