It’s all about relationship, who we see ourselves as being and how we see ourselves as relating. For me, the delineations were first spatial, geographic.

We lived down a dirt road, across a set of tracks, behind a “No Trespassing Sign” and near a state line. I could not ride a bus to school, because I was outside of the boundaries set for bus pick-up.

When I went to school, I found out that I spoke differently than other people. I could not say certain sounds. Until I went to school, I never knew that this was a problem, or that I spoke incorrectly. At school, people laughed at the way I said my name and the word “friend,” the word “bird.”

I had to leave the class 3 times a week to go to a different class on a separate hall.

At home, I spent a lot time in my room, reading while my family watched television. Later, I didn’t want to go to the beach, I wanted to stay home.

So, what makes a person an Insider and what makes a person an Outsider? Any Outsider is an Insider in other areas. I am a part of not being a part. Outsiders can still be Insiders and Insiders can still be Outsiders depending on what they see and the perspective that they see it from.

It’s all in how we relate to where we are and whether or not we question whether or not we belong there.

It’s positional and personal and political, this matter of who is inside and who is outside.

What do we identify with and what do we believe we are a part of?

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Is there really anything to say?

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