So, I was standing in the hall of the Computer Science and Engineering building at UNC Asheville. I read a blog post that had been printed and posted to a bulletin board. “How to Build a Better Blog” – it was all about marketing and warned against “Dear Diary Syndrome” –
Do we not have enough sources of factual information in this world? Blogging allows for public and subjective interpretation of these so-called facts and provides a forum for expert and novice alike to explore their personal interactions with fact and culture. No, I do not think blogging should be used to shamelessly indulge our self-absorbed tendencies. However, I think that the knee-jerk resistance to the honest and personal diminishes our ability as a culture to appreciate the vast myriad of ways that our world is experienced at the micro-level. I am just one person out of billions and my experience is uniquely my own. I cannot pretend to speak for the masses.

Is there really anything to say?

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