Turtle In a Bell Jar. Wearing a Hat.

I clearly cannot stay up late enough to be a reliable blogger. Oh well. As I mentioned to a friend lately – the drawing is more important than the posting.
It occurs to me now that the posting is an important impetus in the drawing of the drawings. Although I keep this project kinda quiet, I still feel the obligation of declaration. I want to prove I can do it –
I once bought a plane ticket to Australia, but I’ve never been to Australia. I got the ticket refunded, and paid a 75.00 fine. I guess I was scared, or lazy, or lonely. I don’t know. I don’t remember the exact excuses I made – but, I did not go. The year that followed was almost crushing.
There are probably a million other times I’ve been a quitter, in ways both big and small –
So, I’ll keep drawing AND keep posting – though, it’s true, some nights I am just too tired to listen to the hum of this machine and the clickety-clack of my words being cast upon this sore-eye screen.

Is there really anything to say?

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