It’s raining, raining, raining. Excellent sleeping weather. Today we made a pie. Apple+pear. Tomorrow the week starts again. The kids were sick this weekend. Fever and cough, a glazed blank stare. Nobody said the word flu. They are fine now. I will send them to school. Hooray.
Okay – so the eraser thing. I did it. I bought a new eraser. Actually, 3. I was a little surprised by the variety. I have used most erasers before. I could not, however, recall the performance of any particular type. So, now that I’m seeking to form an opinion on such topics as eraser quality, I invested in a variety. I had high hopes for the Magic Rub. It looked so spongy and white in it’s package, almost absorbent. However, it’s edges quickly dulled, turned black, became the instruments of smearing and smudging. I don’t have the energy to try another today. Drawing is really tuckering me out. The possibilities are so endless, endless, endless. Feet seemed less impossible today. I could draw feet for a 100 days and still not know all the secrets. There is something fabulous yet daunting about set forth for yourself a task that will never be completed. An infinite work in progress. Sometimes this thought makes me smile. Sometimes it wears me out.

Is there really anything to say?

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