The Best Drawing Day Ever!

Best Drawing Day Ever! (Have I mentioned that it was the Best Drawing Day Ever?)
It seems as if you actually do something everyday, you tend to get better at it. Both the doing it everyday part and the thing you are trying to do.
Of course, timing is everything. I have certainly tried to be more daily in numerous endeavors, from flossing my teeth, to jogging, to taking a multivitamin. I still pretty much suck at all those things. Flossing qualifies as a major event and I save it for times when my life feels full of loose ends. As I floss I think about how repulsive I am and how I am going to be making BIG changes, how I will floss WAY more often. It is uncomfortable, all of it. I tend to avoid things that make a martyr to myself. It’s just too complicated.

Jogging is violent and joyless.

Multivitamins make me feel nauseous. Though I admit to sometimes gobbling 2-3 of the children’s sugar-crusted gummy RDAs. They’re delicious. Like candy. But, I only treat myself to the children’s vitamins when I actually remember to give the children their vitamins. Approximately once every two weeks. Seriously. I’m awful about vitamins. They seem a luxury that will ultimately simply drive up our need for them (as a species) – always a bad idea to offer more than is needed. This is what I tell myself when I fail, yet again, to cook a lovely balanced meal more than every few days. Grains, even in the endless form of noodles (so many shapes…almost like different foods entirely) are a staple food. (Noodles do count as a grain, right? Sure they do.) By definition, a staple food expects to be eaten every day. We do not let the noodles down.

Anyway, back to drawing. Timing is everything. One door closed. Another has opened. My art got stuck in a room with my heart. That really didn’t need to rhyme, did it?
The kids forced a window, because without it, they would surely wither. (What are they, plants?) (It sucks that nothing can escape metaphorism – i.e. the making of almost any adjectival sentence into a lousy metaphor.) In saving them, I saved myself. (The snarky side of me is gagging right now, but the rest of me knows it’s true.)

Today’s Quote From a Young Man: “Has milk been sanitized?”

A Young Girls Interpretation: “What do we do with the pep tabs?” Holding the dripping teabags above the mug. Realizing that the teabags (“pep tabs” ????) could swing in a pendulous fashion, she began, of course, to swing them. Sprinkling the kitchen with tea. Gleefully.

I said I’d get back to drawing, but I’ve not gotten back, have I? It is so good to draw everyday. So good.

Is there really anything to say?

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