Okay, so I am really excited about these little stories. 1/2 truth, 1/2 fiction. A ratio I adore.
On the subject of adoration – I have begun to suspect that there are people that we are pheromonally compatible with in a way that compels the impression of a sudden intense bond. Subtle chemical scent tags activate our recognition of some biological component possessed by the other person and, if the other person is pheromonally compatible with you then a “click” – a strange sense of recognition – is experienced. The stronger the pheromonal connection is, the more distracting the people will be to one another. Note: when one person is pheromonally attracted to someone who is unaffected by the pheromonal signals sent by the other person, then the affected person seems crazy and the unaffected person seems cold and callous. Pheromones and hormones make people feel so warm, they forget that the warmth is internal.
The power of the pheromonal bond is that it defies reason and so is seen as somehow magical. However, the magic goes only so deep as some tiny little gene code which informs us that we are long-since linked with this person, distant members of some early common group. Which is actually pretty deep. Nevertheless, I must advocate for us all to forget romance. Wear deodorant. Evolve.

By the way, this whole talk of pheromonal connection is pure speculation. I am not an expert on anything other than clumsy lust.

Is there really anything to say?

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