I sent my coworkers a link.

I really shouldn’t blog my weekly work report. But, I’m not feeling well and so I’m at home. And though I feel warmish and woozy, I am not entirely sure I’m sick. What I am entirely sure of is that I might be. And the children are expecting the Halloween party of their wildest dreams tomorrow afternoon.* It’s been a busy week in a blue millions sort of way. I think I might be feeling really, really, tired.

This week I taught an insects class. There was a girl who loved millipedes (which aren’t even insects) and who proclaimed to want a hundred of them. A coworker warned against millipedes and other lengthy arthropods by relaying a story about projectile venom and damaged retinas.
Worked on my summer camp “blurb” – really, that’s the word we use to describe our description. Ran errands with a list that read ‘Sex Posters, Fuzzies Mice, Squeakers (8-12)’
showed off a marine aquarium to lots and lots and lots of Brownies. Cleaned ridiculous amounts of thick dust from the small, small ledge between the stair rail and the wall. Almost got stuck.
A huge and drifting waft of dust fell into an angel’s hair, she was laying on a table down in the store. I meant to remove it. I forgot. (This seems like a poem, but if we work at the same place you know exactly what I’m talking about. As I’ve said before, I love my job.) I stayed up laminating pictures of lightbulbs and Hummers until midnight on Monday. I’m still tired.

The Halloween Party of My Children’s Dreams: My Version
I got second-rate candy that is visually appealing (in a haven’t-had-the-budget-to-redesign-the- packaging kind of way) to adults. (Mallo Cups?) (The pleasing vintage packaging will likely repel the children.) (Brilliant. They just said we had to have candy. They didn’t say we had to have good candy.)
I got Boston Baked Beans, Burnt Boston Baked Beans, and something called Vanilla Fluffies (or something like that. I don’t know. They look like dessicated snake feces to me.) from the mix-n- match Bulk Candy bins. I got tapioca. Dragonfruit. Pomegranate. The reddest bell peppers. They look like they’d bleed. I got Medjoul Dates. Whole ones.

There is nothing more terrifying to the young child than unfamiliar food. I love this party. I need straw for the chicken castle and doesn’t a gigantic pile of “hay” sound like fun? I’m putting some yarn needles in the pile. Get it? Super-Fun Party Games: “Find the Needle in the Haystack!” “Cut Open the Mysterious Dragonfruit!”

Like I said, I’m tired. I’ve got more copper cut. I just have to nail it up.

Is there really anything to say?

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