the ladies are ladies the tree is a tree

The ladies could be the same or they could be different…friends or enemies? I don’t know. Refer to the comment following my previous post if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.

People will make of things what they will. One person’s tree is another’s ego.

Bigger, better post is on the way. Look for new drawings later…

This weekend was tough for drawing. Stuck inside ’cause the sky kept leaking. However, I did manage to get some lines on paper.

Today appears to be possibly lovely. Time to get ready for work.

Speaking of work – I surreptitiously drew the tree ladies while listening to JBH teach eighth grade outreach.

Funny how I am still so inclined to draw in school. My eighth grade math teacher had little appreciation for this habit, could not see how a sketch of a whale could possibly connect to pre-algebra.

How could it not?

I still pay better attention when I don’t try to pay attention. There is research supporting the notion that doodling helps our brains
to absorb and process

Does this mean I get to draw during the educator’s retreat today? Yes.

Yes, it does.

Is there really anything to say?

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