unannounced super guest artist, my son – Leo Burtom, age 7. Skateboarding.

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Reply : (Current: I wanted to draw a sea monster of the old fashioned kind out in the negative space. Clearly, I didn’t get around to it. It would’ve been awesome.)



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So, apparently this paragraph shows up on silly old facebook. So, I’d better stop blathering about how TOTALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING I AM AND HOW I’M NOT TIRED AT ALL AND I NEVER WRITE ABOUT LAUNDRY! THE WORDS ‘CREAMED CORN’ ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND IN THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROCK AND ROLL, HOT MAMA!”

But, seriously. (Ha!)

And the truth is: I am a dreadfully disorganized, scatter-brained sort of person.

I went to 30 hours at work. Minused a day. Frankly, it is a relief to not have to try to earn that extra few hundred bucks a month. For now…a few months of scraping from paycheck to paycheck may make me think otherwise. However, necessity breeds invention and it just so happens that I am an inventive sort.

Now that I have more time (those precious late afternoons, mine again!) – I can not rely so heavily on the supermarket and its overwhelming spending opportunities.

I am going to turn Jenny’s garden for her in exchange for her ruthless encouragement as I excavate the kitchen cabinets. Box up canned goods I won’t get around to eating and figure out what exactly I might have to eat. I saw creamed corn in there a few days ago. I’m not sure why it’s in there. I guess I ought to eat it or turn it into soup. Add a potato, some peas. I’d eat it. I find I like low-tech food more and more.
I’m getting distracted. This year will be a lean one, a buy-nothing -new sort of year. I set a high bar for myself in these proclamations. However, the higher the bar…the more likely I am to at least try to leap. It’s too easy for me to sit out an easy claim.

So, here’s the plan—

Have some sort of show, with some of my favorite drawings of the past six months of drawing everyday. A retrospective of sorts. Just how far can a person come in a measly six months? Some days, it feels like pretty darn far. Others, maybe it feels like I’ve been here all along.

Anyway – this show would feature drawings and “fixed” scanned images of drawings. I would not highlight the relationship between technology and artforms, but I suppose it’s there. The srawings would be presented brass-nailed (I have the tiniest upholstery pins, solid brass. Beautiful little things.)
to reclaimed lumber that I need an excuse to purchase or otherwise procure. If anyone wants to sponsor a field trip to Asheville Hardware to peruse their awesome selection of amazing old wood – please let me know. Or if you just so happen to have some old wood laying about. Untreated, please. Arsenic isn’t good with drawings. Seriously.

Also presented would be handwritten texts of selected content of this weblog. Perhaps printed on this pile of old paper they were throwing out at work. It’s all thin and yellowing. Oversized newsprint. Perfect.

Perhaps sheets of text would be the backdrop to this piece. With board lengths+drawings interspersed by prints+frames.

The nice thing is that I can begin this sort of soon. And hopefully keep it going.

I am trying to keep it going, trying to stay awake.

Key parts of the excerpted text will be descriptions of the projects I really need to see happen. Namely the Fiber Arts Prom Dress Placenta Project (see previous post)

(probably ought to start a weblog for that one…with project descriptions, photos of the model placenta I sewed for work – out of a pair of panties! Ha!) and perhaps this other one intended to raise funds for youth in DSS custody, a community collective which generates donations of goods, services, and funds – small donations! A hairstyle, a gift card, a membership to a gym, horseback riding lessons! Little things that make a BIG difference…- to be administered by the Guardian ad Litem Association, to whom I should probably speak and to whom I ought to pay my yearly dues. Donations could possibly be written off under their tax status or perhaps another agency could act as the not-for-profit recipient and channel the donations through their 401c(3)
It’s a good idea. I’m full of good ideas.

So, I’m gearing up to seek out collaboration. I just need a little help getting all this stuff done.

Dang. It’s 9:52 pm. I’m exhausted.

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I am cleaning off my mantles!

My friend, Jenny, offered to help me come over and clean up, tackle a project or two. Be ruthless in downsizing hassle-creating stuff. Apparently there is some show that deals with heartless simplification of our physical surroundings. I don’t want a clean sweep, a blank slate. But, my house is not as functional, nor as aesthetically comforting as I need it to be. Draped piles of stuff lurk in all the corners. I am careful to use only the loveliest of fabrics for draping boxes of outdated miscellany. The piles look almost decorative.
However, I know the truth.
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I am actually doing it! Actually rearranging my room to be more conducive to a productive mood. Before, I had it arranged so that the focal point was my fabric draped closets, a green circle chair.

Which is lovely when it is tidy. However, this area is often strewn with laundry, all clean, all everywhere. My task completion sucks when it comes to laundry.

I wish I would’ve documented the massive-ness of this winter’s laundry situation. It was intense.

I am conquering the ill-effects of laundry overload. Those days are over. I might have to give away almost all our clothing…

(Current: The ship is the size of a dime! So, there.)(The hand is pretty much awesome, too.) (’tis daily that draws the perfect hand.) (Not that it’s, um, you know, perfect…but, who’s to say it’s not?)
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Is a word I use too often. The problem is: I am often tired.

Still is there anything less interesting than “tired” ?

Not really.

So, I am trying to think of other adjectives.

Exhausted is not entirely inaccurate. However, this word, too. Is dull.

Weary. Nappish. Lacking energy.

See, I’m not a whirlwind. Not a force of any kind.

Some people are wickedly electric. Like they have tapped into some deep and secret well of impetus. They do everything as if it is as easy as breathing. I am not one of those people. Some days, even being awake is genuinely difficult.

I love sleep. Lost in a nap is often where I long to be. The quality of my dreams is supreme.

Current: Goodnight.

Oh! One more thing! I guess it might be weird for me to be “putting myself out there” like this…you know, on global media. However, I am only trying to use my time well. I’m clever, but not so clever that I’ve figured out a way to live just right(eously) – I guess I’m curious and still trying to see just how much I good I am capable of generating. It might not be much, but little things add up. I am a very firm believer in this. I also love a good experiment.
Some people put themselves out there by dancing on poles (props for the attitude, but is this friendly or does it exacerbate a big stinking issue that bungles our lives times a million: guys and girls and whats a girl and sex and power and, um…poles) or something like: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ydhd17A5Jec (you have to know what it is? Don’t you?) (Ha!) (NEW FEATURE: MYSTERY LINKS YOU CAN’T RESIST!) (This is probably some old, stinky link…I am such a fuddy-duddy! I don’t even know what’s cool anymore. Seriously, I’m pretty lame when it comes to extracurriculars. I might be a homebody times a million. People are just really loud. I’m really loud. Whenever I am around people, I just start being really, really loud. I kind of irritate myself sometimes.)

I much prefer this. Besides who else would I talk to about bathing a cat on a Saturday night? Who but that big big nobody that is everybody. Gosh, that sounded hokey. And creepy. (We have the actual brochures to this fine establishment in the lobby of the building where the museum is located. Really. It’s unfortunate that people made fun of it and now noone gets to see the extremely bizarre tour video. I’m glad stuff like this exists. It will probably be a Wal-Mart in a couple years. A full circle of sorts.)


Wow. I just realized that noone will follow these links. Worried about a v-i-r-u-s. Seriously though, think about it. I JUST THIS WEEK figured out how to post directly to this site from my phone. I still prefer to use the phone to email myself, the content seems more conversational somehow. I’m not always sure that’s a good thing, but it’s nice to brainstorm with myself. I’ve solved a lot of problems emailing myself. I ask myself a question and then my nerdy self answers it.
I can’t even pay attention long enough to make a single point. I don’t know enough about technology to even conceive of anything so mundane as I might link to having any sort of virus. Seriously. I’m freaked out by anything designed to appeal to as many people as possible…I’m super suspicious of anything sexy or delicious-looking. See, no links. I’ll only link you to safe places. Ew, creepy.

Is there really anything to say?

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