The original Fiber Art Placenta, still in use as a teaching material in Life Patterns I.


I have been kicking this idea around for about four months and frankly, I have nowhere else to kick it…other than out. Here is a recent explanatory draft of the idea. More info. can be found by searching “placenta” on this weblog.

The project I referred to is a well-scaffolded idea I have. Here is the brief version w/backstory: I do a lot of volunteer work as a Guardian ad Litem (in Oregon, I think it’s the CASA program) Basically, go to bat in the courts on behalf of kids in DSS (in Oregon, CFS?) custody. Two of the girls I GAL’d for got pregnant as teens. I also do some of the Family Life Education (i.e. Sex Ed.) for the county and city schools, via the museum.

So, these factors combined with several others have made me super aware of the fact that kids need more money supporting programs that help them to not…um, mess up their lives in astoundingly stupid and totally avoidable ways.

I had to make a model placenta for our in-house Life Patterns class. Well, I didn’t have to. However, the made in china available online version of a placenta cost something like 34.99? So, I had to make one. It wasn’t hard. They are, as you mentioned – somewhat blobbish.
Gosh – this story is long. Sorry.

So, one pair of made in china bright red panties, three knee high nylons and approximately two yards of yarn + plus some other stuff, like, um…stuffing (old corduroy pants, cut up)

I had made a lovely fiber art placenta. I’ll post pictures at some point soon. This may, by the way, be the formal launch of the Fiber Art Placenta Party – A collective circle of seam that makes placental models in a form of fashion that is lovely or astounding or, best of all, both. Placenta’s are the unsung organ. Do we have another internal organ that is there and gone so quickly and for such a baby-strange purpose? Nope. They’re pretty gnarly.

So, placenta’s are made – perhaps some with zippers, like icky purses?

This really, really long. Sorry.

And who wouldn’t want to buy or sponsor such a thing as a fiber art placenta made out of prom dresses reclaimed from Goodwill.
Especially if the profits went to a not-for-profit fund that gave money to kids to participate in life-enriching/saving activities…like a sewing class or, sadly, a really good parenting class.

I like the idea and I’m going to do it. Starting right now.

Is there really anything to say?

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