Really, use the search function. The results are pretty amusing. Try out some of the terms posted a couple of days ago: hedgehog, biology, chickens, Hand of God(untitled), placenta…see earlier post for additional suggestions.
It’s a fun little tool, this search bar…and the results are posted with an brief excerpt…I am easier to read in excerpted form.

3 thoughts on “Search!

  1. When Ms. Rhyne says she plans to smash the dominant paradigm with art and science, do not dismiss it as idle chatter. Idle is not a word to be associated with Ms. Rhyne, one of the least idle and most sane of bloggers. In fact, it is a testament to her restraint and quiet professionalism that she makes such a pledge openly on Facebook, and not on a note tied to a brick and tossed through the windows of an investment bank. Three cheers.

  2. Thanks, Jim! You do realize that the paragraph you wrote attesting to my non-craziness seems, um…how do I say this? Crazy?(It was the cheers that did it:)))))(ooooh loook! Caterpillar emoticon!))))))))))))))Really, though, thanks. You're the best boss ever. And by state – you realize that what I was talking about SMASHING was our STATE of being bored and frustrated. (not "ours" – but people's)

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