(This is a blog entry by phone – forgive the typos.)

So, the long story is this:

It has been a hard winter and my yard looks really rough. It’s true that there is a 4x6x10 landscaping timber that is protruding from my fenceline like a ramp.(Long story)

This morning, I saw a police car park at an angle to my house and sit there for awhile. I felt like maybe the officer was looking at the chickenhouse sculpture. The only reason I suspected this was because I noted that the spot where the car was parked was the perfect across-the-street-angle spot for viewing the hand. Because of the negative space created by the fencing wire the sculpture is made of, the form is sometimes hard to see.
I recall that in Portland, on an early summer day after a long winter/spring, I got notice to mow my grass. There had been complaints. The patrol car made me realize that I really need to get my yard back together before the Association (SFNA) or some realtor decides to complain.

Note to My Neighbors:
It’s been a hard winter. Likely for you as well. I am taking care of the chicken issue and I hope you will be patient as, over the next several weeks, I figure out what to do with the hedgeline this year. I may do some elemental topiary. Bring out the structure of the trees.

It is likely that many of you moved to this neighborhood after I had removed the kudzu, malt liquor bottles, and rats from the property I consider home.

If you think my yard looks awful and my chicken coop is an eyesore, come talk to me. I am a nice person and I seek to offend NOBODY…

give me a chance to explain, help me cut the high-branches or build raised beds. I’ll return the favor.

But, please don’t fine me. I can’t afford it.(True story.)
The best foundations for healthy neighborhoods are tolerance and helping…not rules and fines.

So, I’m working on it…

More true stories later.

Is there really anything to say?

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