Hi. As I was sitting on my front steps this morning, wondering what I should do about the chickens…(long story)

If you’re familiar with my previous posts, you know that the chickens have become a…well, they’re an issue. I’m posting to facebook a need for relatively immediate re-homing for five of the hens. I will get my permit for the other three on Monday. Mark my words. I really should’ve refused the five extra chicks. I tried. But, they were so small and nobody wanted them and I didn’t want to hassle the lady who was giving me chickens. I wanted to pay for three chicks and then leave. (I don’t even like the number eight!)
That’s not what happened though. I took eight and now I have eight and eight is too many. By law and by reason.
Living in a city where backyard chickens – or in my case, front yard – are permitted is a privilege. Yes, chicks are cute and yes, chicks are cheap. However, chickens grow quickly and can be a destructive nuisance. If you are considering chicken-keeping, it is very important that you consider that peaceful scenes of chickens in gardens are peaceful only because they are pictures and the chicken probably was permitted in the garden only for the purpose of taking a photo. Or, in the case of Klimt – wholly imagined for the purpose of a painting. Chickens in lush gardens is almost surreality as there would be no garden if the chicken were allowed to be there for any length of time. Also, chickens

are not as “dumb” as some would like to believe, and the more chickens you have, the smarter they are. Flocks, like packs, rely on numbers for cumulative group intelligence. My chickens, for example are desperate to escape from their luxurious castle.

Get your permit, pay your fees. These dollars support services like animal control, which is a necessary component of law enforcement. If you respect the ordinance that prohibits chaining dogs, you also ought to respect the ordinance that permits chickens.
Yes, I know I should’ve hand permit-in-hand prior to chick-in-hand – but, free chickens happen fast. I advise whomever I re-home the hens to that they need a permit.

I want my garden back and I am a grown-up. I’ll will take care of this.

Is there really anything to say?

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