The South Side

gomphrena – Globe Amaranth. Excellent plant. Easy to start in peat, transfers well for grouping. Very attractive and long blooming. Edible grain and useful for dried arrangements. Ha! I’ve been reading my Western Garden Book again.

Getting sleepy. And why shouldn’t I be? I’ve been filing old emails into word documents – just for storage – and, lo and behold, I have written about two hundred pages of text in the past three months. Jeepers!

Now – if only any of those pages had anything remotely important on them…well, then…

I need to learn to focus for more than a week. It is difficult with only myself invested in various ideas. If I get tired or forgetful in their regard, well – who will revive me or remind me?

I just realized that about 8,000 people Asheville have blogs. Really – – – but, they aren’t me. And that’s why I have piles of drawings and pages of words and at least a 1/2 bucket of decent ideas for rainy days or right times. And all they have is a blog that they don’t post to.

So, in an effort to edge away from the awesomely self-absorbed rants of the past few weeks, I am going to attempt to more thoroughly document the landscape that is unfolding in my front yard, i.e. my garden.

A well-supervised Hildie enjoys the backyard mint forest.

Sunday Morning
Chickens and old hoses
hang out with ghosts
and lens flare
on the south side of the house.

Is there really anything to say?

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