Bring on the pith!

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Sigh. These children stay up too late. Way too late. I’m talking, like: 9:30! It was Foxfire Night at their school. Re-named this year ‘Experience Name-of-School Night’ –
Same event different name. Very nice evening. Puppet plays in one classroom, Museum of Motion in another. Bounce back and forth, a puppet in motion myself.

Somehow spent near 30.00 on Book Fair purchases
and seeds
children with hand-drawn labels.
“It’s all so exhausting!”

These are things I thought about today: convenient (sic) store sociology, why Amazing Savings has Israeli instant Couscous (Pre-Cooked!) I really should make those foam and fabric blocks how much of a hassle it will be to find a medical office that will host a field trip for twenty adolescent girls what exactly a “fun” graphic entails kid stuff eating dressing wiping brushing expressing appropriate enthusiasm for the skateboard tricks happening in our creaking main hall where is the dog? I am going to use no fewer than three ideas from the girl’s Museum of Motion for work the girls teacher is the perfect kindergarten teacher why am I so half-assed I really need to give the dog a bath I really need to open that bill from the emergency vet those rocks aren’t gonna move themselves I should take photos of my neighborhood and the River Arts ‘district’ – before they get dulled – down I like Materva Soda, .99 for 2 liters at Amazing Savings I drink too much soda this weekend is going to be brutal with birthday parties and such. I am supposed to post this tonight, but man – I am tired. I cut strips of newsprint and folded them precisely to stitch drawings together, a paper quilt entitled ‘this is not what crazy looks like’

A work in progress for sure.
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Up from the corner of Livingston, on Depot Street, in Asheville, NC – there is a hapless sociological experiment taking place right now.

The Green’s MiniMart has – it seems – changed hands. Now there are quickly printed ads for Blunt Wraps (.50!) taped crooked to the gas pumps and all sorts of weird stuff going on inside. Weird in that it seems hardly the same store. Said Blunt Wraps festoon the counter, with incense of several varieties and a cardboard-prop display for a product called LibiGro. Ick.
Visually more interesting for sure. Curious, definitely. But – seriously: ick.

It will be sadly interesting to see what sort of cliche’d thing will transpire, the new owner is East Indian and is genuinely creepy in ways that have nothing to do with his ethnicity: a leer is a leer.
This is a big topic. Huge. I could write a thesis on the Green’s+racial and ethnic tensions as a result of disordered gentrification surrounding the River Arts District:Asheville, NC. I’ll explain disordered gentrification some other time. I’m not sure what it means. I just made it up. I probably won’t write a thesis anytime soon. It’d be a good one though. I’ll be thinking about it a little here and there, watching the neighborhood’s slow change.

It’s tough, in times like these:
to tell where the bird ends
and the cat begins.

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