Where did Saltville go?

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Seriously – I had invented a whole town and already devised an entire series of novellas. Then *poof* got distracted by work and friends (!) garden and yarn. I’ve only drawn twice since Saturday. I’ve been plenty creative, with scarflets (www.hannahandfaith.wordpress.com – if it’s still up. Failed blog friendship with girl co-conspirator in apartment living and the hatching of big plans I was too chicken to allow fruition. In the end. She’s an oddball like myself, another ‘pretty’ brown-eyed girl who sees the world in a way that stands out strangely.)

Current: jeez, I can’t even remember what I was even talking about.

Slug Scarflet.

Rough week in the real world. But very informative and I figured out that what I probably ought to do is stick to drawing for a minute and start learning single crochet by embarking on a project that involves crocheting every freaking skein of yarn in this house into the world’s longest and most progressively skillfull scarf. Entitled, ‘How I learned to crochet.’


So: I’ll be back on track soon. What’s nice is that the wax and wane have set me one drawing more than the number of May days passed. So, maybe I’m not so far off track after all.

…then again, these chickens
in an open field
might suggest

Is there really anything to say?

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