…and in conclusion: I need to go to the grocery store.

(some photos are adjusted for values of brightness and contrast…)

watch this. it is all about people and their stupid beaches and vacations. sick. if they wanted to really fix things, they’d stop selling oil and help us to re-purpose excess cars into shelters in refugee camps…


this song is a dedication to the sky, as performed by this very endearing young person.

“Alright, Dad – this is called The Ship Song.”

which then reminded me of this song.

which has helped me to feel less bumbling and graceless in all this.

it has been a strange and lonesome-ish time. It’s okay though. People don’t seem to understand that maybe this past year has torn out the page in ways that make it odd and confusing to be in mixed company…or, really, any company at all. It’s okay…it’s just how things are…

Worst reasoning ever, by the way…there is a difference between serenity and unimaginative complacency.

if you look for circles and angles, they are there.

“Maybe it’s just fractals,” my mom suggests. Maybe.

last night

early this morning

New Age Who? Ha!

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Okay – I’m sorry I used the ‘A’ word that was stupid.

So stupid…it’s what we’ve been taught to think about when we notice symbols in the sky. Which is all about spectacle and fear and chaos and another us-against-them war.

Who needs that? We are so dumb.

I am still trying – just a little bit – to be entertaining.

I guess this probably seems like some attention getting hoax of some sort.

It’s not…I just noticed something that I thought people would be interested in. I mean, to me – repetitive cloud patterns and well-articulated forms of eyes and animals and everything we fear…well, it has all been up in the sky for the past week. I have tried to post the pictures that make the most sense to me – that show clearly that the sky is unusual lately. Look closely.

YOU CAN SEE THE FORMS SURROUNDING THE BRIGHTEST CENTER (look at the forms in this video. It is possible that the way that the light from the candle bends into geometry as t is reflected in the glass…well, it may suggest that it is the curved edges of the giant hole in the sky that is forming them into patterns.
You know, if it makes you feel better to think about it that way.

Look at the sky in this video…seems familiar to me. We are so dumb.

Here is a fun cover of the i felt your shape song, with a video that is strangely appropriate.
I want to play music with people.

Except that I will probably like it so much – the connection – that I will want to do it ALL THE TIME…and my days are already cluttered with things I want to do all the time. Which is, truth be told, not take pictures of the sky. I feel like I have watched the sky enough for awhile. I do have a strong sense of what it is and why it woke up in the way that it did and if anyone wants to ask me about that, well – fine. However, I am content to keep it to myself until people show that they give 1/2 a shit about anything other than their own imagined importance. I know, the irony of me spending so much time writing and thinking about how unimportant I am has struck me as well.

I have a feeling that if someone who had a knowledge of such things looked at the structure of the clouds in the photos I have been providing – well, it is clear that they are easy to interpret as religious/folkloric iconography…from everywhere. That’s the thing that gets me – the little I know about religion is enough to tell me that if these skies were seen by some lonesome shepherd or some peasant tending a paddy of rice or a some guy standing on a mountain…and they studied the clouds long enough that the sky sense it was being noticed and stubbornly refused to change…well, these are where our stories come from…our human symbols for things bigger than humans.

I guess people would notice if there was the dramatic technicolor that our eyes have been trained to follow. If the symbols were ringed in actual flames or something. However, nobody notices the sky if it contains ‘just clouds’ –

this was over the intersection of College and Patton – right by the National Climactic Data Center! I know it looks like a cloud at first, but if you look to the right of the telephone pole you will see the same mask of infinity situation that has been showing up ALL WEEK! As well as some of the other replications of form. Check the upper right hand corner.

It is going to be a remarkable sunrise.
They are still there today. The shapes and eyes…

I am not crazy. Not hallucinating. That’s why I take the pictures. Of course, even with pictures – people only see what they want to see. I thought it would be easy to show people how I have been seeing the sky. However, even pulling the contrast up and the brightness down…even when it is obvious that there are lights in the sky – no electric lights, luminosities. Places where the light is thicker that others in a way that suggests, somehow: the beginnings of intention.

this was early in the week – if you look at the clouds

from the past couple days, well:

I am going to try to take only a couple of pictures of the sky today. I need to clean the house and go to the store. If I felt like a freak before…the sky has sealed the deal for me. However, the sense I have gained is that finding favor with humans and their marks of status is what leads us away from intention.

Here is the deal as I have figured it over the past couple days, and it is what I now (it may change with the sky) believe to be true…it probably sounds crazy – but no more crazy than anything else that people believe or do (really – it totally blows my mind that people think I am weird – I am SOOOO not weird! I pay attention and I am not scared to note aberrant empirical evidence of the ways that the world as we know it may not be the world as it was intended.

Well, duh.

I think that there has always been a force that resides in the sky. And it is connected to the ocean and it is connected to the land. And we were supposed to take care of all of this. When I write those words – I feel in my heart and in my ribs a literal tightening…the feeling of truth and the weight of loving the world with all it’s well-planned wonder.

Yes, it is all a big experiment…

If you pay attention to this – well, you need to understand that even if your belief system tells you I am a liar, even if you think I am crazy, evil even…please do not wish me harm or send scorn in my direction. I understand, in my way, how we came to believe the things we believe and how the world has become such a hellish place in some ways.

I am not interested in money or fame or anything like that. This is not about me. I would, however, encourage everyone to be calm and realistic about what is happening on this planet, this cell.

I don’t know if I can write any more about this for a couple of days. It has just been so surprising to realize that the sky can be the same twice and that people don’t much give a shit about what the sky is doing, which is a little foolish – given all that it does.

I want to be ordinary.

I want to be able to talk about movies and eat food and do all the things people do. I imagine that some of the other people who have seen the sky – in one way or another – over the years have gone quite mad…poor Bosch probably drove himself crazy trying to capture the – at times – macabre portraiture of the sky.

I noticed – as I was drawing that impossible drawing yesterday that the graphite clung to some places on the paper more readily than others. And that as I did my light erasure, the symbols showed up…I didn’t draw them. I can’t stand cheesy religious-symbolic iconography in art. It’s because the person who tattooed my back used to be a little hung up on such things. If you look closely at the drawings this person (RIP) – you will find the symbols there, too.

No one ever understood how he could do such fine grey work. A state of misunderstood grace, for sure.

“Prove it,” I said to the page as I was drawing.

And if you look with a magnifying glass – you will likely find the symbols. I guess it is probably hard to be a sensor. Yeah, I know it is. That’s why not everybody is a sensor…and that’s is why it doesn’t make sense to everyone. I think – however – that there are a lot of people who probably know the score.

Maybe these pictures will help people realize where the symbols they are drawing come from. Of course, it may just be an odd weather pattern and people 1/2 notice the symbols as clouds and then integrate them into the shapes they doodle on the edge of their meeting notes.

And maybe my sub-conscious is an amazing artist. Maybe the ghost of N. Hudson is playing a huge trick on me.

I am happy to have gleaned a small measure of his technical skill through all of this.

I have found symbols and characters in the work of other artists as well. Also in architecture from around the world. I am not going to spend a lot of time posting all the comparative evidence. It is there. What was it they used to say: seek and ye shall find. Well, all you have to do is look up.

It is likely that not everyone is able to see the forms in the sky with the naked eye. I did not see the colors that showed up in the picture yesterday.

It is likely that there have always been people who the sky intended to see in some way…I think that in Catholicism, they are called saints.

I know that a lot of the people we have imprisoned or laughed at or drugged or trained in the ways of human attention and pretending to pay attention to shit that doesn’t mean anything to us…they are people who were meant to see. Autistics, schizophrenics, those with so called Deficit Disorders…

Man, FORGET THAT- it is the pressures of our stupidstupidstupid self-important human world that destroy these people. To not be allowed to see and to not be seen clearly is a tragic way to live. It destroys what is benevolent and luminous about us.

I absolutely refuse to preach. I only want to be left alone.

Everything is everything and humans are ruining everything we were intended to take care of. The world was not made in the order it was made because we are superior. I think maybe we were supposed to be learning from the things that were here before us.

Yesterday – as I sat on the porch and resolutely vowed to simply watch and see if, without the camera at hand, I would still see the forms so easily.

Do you know what I saw among all the symbols? I saw whales. Not little whales, big huge smooth-sided whales with their backs all perfectly ridged. And the huge sweeping wings of a ray, and the perfect head of a dolphin. The ocean is deeply connected to the sky

(who knows what grains of truth
are held in the caverns of a sand dollar,
and where their hidden bird shapes
fly when they are broken)

And maybe The Sky is thinking about how to re-set all of this. I wish I didn’t feel so crazy-calm about all of this. I feel like I should be forceful in telling people that they need to be calm, be kind, and LOOK UP! But I am not a very forceful person and I don’t want the sky to be co-opted for corporate profit and I don’t want a military armament aimed at the clouds and I don’t want world leaders to curse my name if I think that the way that living things must live in the parts of the world that are under their care. The nice thing is that it actually makes a lot of sense, my life…everything.

I don’t know how big the sky is. Anyone can plainly see, here in Asheville – it probably doesn’t resonate with them however – it doesn’t fit in with what they know to be true – or we have failed terribly at teaching one another how to recognize the signs of truth.

This is a good song that makes me feel better about the clouds. It’s a pretty song. I am going to play music today. I think that there are a lot of musicians who understand. I know because there are songs that make me feel less lonesome in a way that human company usually does not.

In the meantime – I’ll keep one eye on the sky for as long as I can stand it. I will try to know the sense that it conveys in a way that doesn’t send me out to the side of the road, holding a sign: “Look Up! It’s always been the sky!”

I need to try to get back to solid ground. Get back to not thinking or feeling. And when I write those words – my chest hurts, saying: try as you may, but you’ll destroy yourself if you try to stop thinking and feeling. There is not enough thinking and feeling in the world. And so – okay, relax – I will go on thinking and feeling. However, I understand why the monastic life is appealing to some…the reverence and sense of the sky makes going to grocery store a little hard.

How do you know a truth for yourself and still be who you are supposed to be?

However, the children will be back from their weekend at the beach tomorrow. I need to get some good snacks and sort out their bookshelves while they are gone.

I really have no idea how to make sense out of all this conflicting sense.

Given that most people would be dumbly incoherent after thinking they saw eyes in the sky and then not having anyone acknowledge that they saw them, too. Even with pictures. People just don’t see. That’s okay. I tried to tell the sky, by looking it right in the eye – that it may need to do something more significant to get people’s attention. During times like these, a portent sky just can’t outshine all that glitters down here. (don’t dismiss the song because of the Yoakam, it is a beautiful duet originally sung by Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris)


‘The Lord’s burning rain…’ seems to me that if the sky can scoot clouds into symbols and defy erasure and hold a hole in the sky…well, it seems to me that just about anything is possible.

Um, folks we really should have been paying better attention to all the beautiful people we thought were losers.

Is there really anything to say?

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