nobody will see the same thing, but i hope we all see something

So, here is the situation.

The clouds were beautiful and meaningful (though I am not quite sure how:)

“What the…?”

said out loud to self/on porch/alone.

I took several thousand pictures of the sky over the past couple of weeks. Seemed a little obsessed – but, wouldn’t you be concerned if you saw so many clouds that just didn’t seem quite possible? Think about how air shapes clouds and how the wind sweeps them, how temperatures pile the forms up…now, let me ask you:

How is it possible to have what appears to be a near-right angle in a cloud?

It is nice – however – to have such a solid record of bloggage that – interestingly – is all about trying valiantly to find a form that feels true in a fast and plastic world.

Be nice to each other, okay?

It really is worth looking into. Really. I think I actually am going to look into it. Which is good, since I will then have something other to talk about than me, myself, and our good friend, I…

I am glad to have to go through the pictures. It will be fun to sort them into collections of symbols, animals, and iconography. It should take a while. So, less talk more rock.

I will try to post pictures everyday. I sort of feel like the clouds need their own blog?

I know I need…a lot. I need a lot. Please know that I do differentiate between need and want…and I need a lot.

Feel free to email me regarding my astonishing discoveries:

Clouds CAN be the same shape twice (three times, a million bajillion…?)

Some clouds look a lot like what we imagine our various Gods to look like.

Clouds are preoccupied with symbols, change, the ocean, death, eyes, and animals…hmmm?

Wait a second, maybe that’s me…?

Sometimes clouds seem to glow from the inside out.

It is just hard to see what shapes the glow is making.

This is how my brain feels right now.

I was looking for that old Versus song, “the light is much too bright…sick of melancholia…lalalalala…”

I found that song instead – hilariously appropriate.

Is there really anything to say?

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