stirring up clouds…
blocking out signals…

I rotated this one
because I liked the way
it seemed to be looking back…

I think I’d like to paint this picture, a crown of teeth and robes of heaped rays…

I didn’t finish this drawing.

I got really overwhelmed by it and realized that it was just practice anyway.

I love the imagery of:
the madonna with the huge gaping and tooth-y jaws
of a hollywood shark
to form her radiance.
It’s probably been done before.
But, not by me.

it’s like a puzzle, isn’t it?

this one reminds me of a sea purse, which is the egg case for a ray or skate…they are extremely odd, super rad looking devices, sea purses.

If you search the phrase ‘sea purse’ you turn up almost as much on this blog as you do on google.

Mr. Fox, I presume?
– extensive photos and musings (by an Australian, no less…) about all the ways that ‘beauty‘ is everywhere and also some good accessible explanations of the science behind all the oohing and aahing
– excellent super nerdy fractal site from our friends up North…

In local news, I still seem to be somewhere on the fringes of existence in the walking and talking-ness world. If I were to disappear tomorrow, do you know how many people would notice…four. Yup. Four. My son and my daughter, my mother and my father…

…all my other bridges burnt up in mid-June…oh, well.

Contrary to what I have done in the past when I have found myself suddenly and mysteriously un-allied – which was to quick, try to find some sort of something that puts me back on the bus…well, I just sit on my porch and watch the bus go by and you know what, I am so glad to be right where I am at –

because I know what is what and who is who and as lonely and frightening as it has been to realize just how short the 1/2 life of friendly loyalty really is…a week, two?

I know people care about me. And I them…but, really – sometimes it’s best just to get to the other side of it alone…and I appreciate the people in the larger realms of my life for giving me the space to sort all this out in a way that I can live with for a good long time.

In the garden, everything looks range-y and floppy and at it’s own 1/2 life. However, I have always wanted a small grove of sumac and finally, a couple of years ago, some bird shat some berry in just the right spot and I have the coveted spire-like bloom-berries…

They stay on the tree like candles even after all the leaves turn red and fall. It is invasive and spreads by suckers, which are fortunately easy to pull away from the main root stocks. Some varieties of sumac (latin: Rhus) are edible, some are poison…I am not going to experiment to find out which one this is…I might research though.

In the growing awareness that the time frame during which I might miraculously be sustained by a squadron benevolent strangers is…well, expiring – I am gearing up for filling out forms and drafting proper queries. I did a bit of an experiment in which I just let myself enjoy writing to entities which support (either directly or tangentially) – endeavors such as mine…and I would introduce myself in some form or fashion and perhaps include some loosely related anecdote which made me smile.

Do you know what happens if you let yourself enjoy writing queries? People don’t write you back:) On the other hand, I have certainly submitted many a proper proposal, application, request for consideration, blahblahblah and not heard anything back…so, who knows?

I sorted through my month’s of drawings and was pleased to find that – at the near-end of a year of drawing everyday, I have approximately 12 drawing that may – as digital images – be suitable for some sort of representative sample of my work in this medium. I have begun to REALLY enjoy drawing in the way that I have begun to REALLY enjoy music again…

I think that, creatively, I was at a dangerous place…of course, now that I have rescued my creative self, I have to run back and put out the fires that are threatening my functional self…

Always running, it seems. I think I am going to stop typing and go sit on the porch for a few before I go to bed.

Hope everyone is well.

Oh – I have been wondering: Is it really SUPER uncool to be nice still? I mean, do I totally suck because I am nice? If so, why?

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  1. If your good camera has a gray-scale (B&W) use shoot in that mode while holding a sheet of deep yelo gel (you do keep gels, right?) over the lens. Does fun things to the sky.Forced to wear shoes again. Back at work.Bah.meh

  2. Nope – no gels! I am LO-TECH to the max. When I was around high school age – instead of going to high school, I'd drive around Camden County and take 35mm shots of the old hotels along hwy 17, etc. I used to like to stack a few filters onto the lens – funny things to the sky for sure. Thanks for saying hey.

  3. Actually – I guess gels are pretty lo – tech, aren't they…as opposed to my digital camera. I guess minimal accessorizing for the creative process is more accurate…lo-gear as opposed to lo-tech.

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