Some very exciting occurrences on all fronts…clouds, deer heads, cooperative children, and Radical Mental Health!

All coming up soon…

Hello, Burnaby, BC! I really like my new little sidebar device. I like the Canadian flag as well. Feel free to forward this link to all of Canada as evidence that the U.S. has bungled up yet another brilliant mind:)

Really – I am totally sick to death of clouds, but they were AMAZING tonight. So much so that I actually asked the children’s father to just “humor me” and come out to the field to look at them.

He is not apt to agree with much that I declare – but, he conceded that the clouds really didn’t look much like clouds at all, “the way they are linked together is definitely weird.”

I wasn’t very worried until now. (1/2 joking…)

Is there really anything to say?

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