These are some images from the past six months or so – a couple might be older. I uploaded them in a hurry – because, frankly, I have better things to do. I am going to go knock around the woods behind my parents house with my kids. Here are some documents that define me. Note inclusion of actual phone number and address. The thing is – I can almost guarantee that nobody will call me. My email address has been online for almost a year, and I still have yet to receive an email from a stranger – other than those scammy type ones regarding overseas holdings and request for bank accounts and Irish lotteries.

How could someone who has never been to Ireland win a lottery that they don’t play?

I was surprised by how pretty they look in the light.

Yeah, they’re post-its. They have blue ones, too.

That doesn’t make sense.

This is a fairly random sampling of images pulled from a few relatively recent files – most of em have been published here – but, I can guarantee that almost nobody has seen them. I scanned in all my documentation of learned-ness, but could not find my GRE scores and a couple other tidbits.

I will try to articulate what exactly all this proves at some point later.

Is there really anything to say?

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