Request to Speak With Glenn Beck to Find out if We Are Related!

Note: in the non-distorted capture of this series of takes re: my tattooed back that I have never seen, it occurred to me that my great-grandmother, Rachel Beck Moeckel – is likely rolling in her grave. RIP, Rach. I’ve got your brother on my side.

Well, it occurred to me that:

MAYBE I AM RELATED TO GLENN BECK! I don’t know much about the guy, except that he is one of those that looks smugly from the ads on the backs of buses. I know he is not loved by the middle class liberals I know that actually do keep track of dangerous personalities in our culture.

I think it would be pretty awesome if Mr. Beck would talk to me about the possibility that we may be related and also about how people who support him would perceive someone like me, and why? Maybe Mr. Beck’s supporters want the same thing that
Irreverent Benevolents such as myself seem to want…

(I want to understand why ‘people like Glenn Beck’ (?) push paradigms that skew and incite and distract and scare people, I want to know why it makes sense to him.)

for people to be okay and for everyone to have what they need and for there to be less fear…I think that is what most actual people – sitting quietly in their homes, warm and watching beside someone who loves them and crowding around cubbies to laugh and sigh over the triumph of a wedding dance, or the ease with which a kitten appears surprised if tickled in just the right way…I think that ease and sense are all most people want. If you have those senses about your own life, congratulations. I am still looking for ease and sense.

Ironically, the less sense I seem to make to people, the more sense my incremental re-direction of discrete wealth into a Universal Fund whose member communities can then request direct assistance (rather than having to fill out a grant application, go beg corporate fat cats, etc.) for projects that improve the quality of life in a sustainable way. Limitations will be placed on bureaucracy, but the usage of the funds would be documented and put into a database that, over time, will yield information about what communities need help with and how they use the money and what the results were. Partnerships can be made with universities to provide support in assuring that the fund be maintained and that the points of investment maintain their integrity.

We really need to pull some (A LOT) of money out of the corporations. Less money for corporations does not mean fewer U.S. jobs…well, it might – for awhile…however, perhaps some corporations may want to rethink how business is done and how money is made and establish their industry here, on U.S. soil.

There is money to do this. We are all broke…but, if we put it together – well…it’s be a start.

Americans are awesome consumers. We should use our buying power to stop the machine slowly so that it can make sure it is going in the right direction. We are reaching a sort of cultural entropy that is beginning to affect our conception of reality.


I get the sense that corporations and governments and even big churches are SCRAMBLING right now to keep up the ruse…we have power people. We just don’t use it. I am a pacifist and a pragmatist. I feel like kids who are growing up today are going to have a holy mess on their hands by the time they reach adulthood.

Those are my kids!

I don’t watch tv or listen to much talk radio anymore and so I am really fairly out of the loop when it comes to the finer points of world events and political trends. I think it would be interesting to talk to Mr. Beck – I am not worried about looking foolish, because what do I have to lose. I would like him to explain to me, Faith Rhyne, his fundamental points and let me think about how those issues would be impacted by my developing strategy to encourage people to siphon small amounts of income into a fund managed by some not repulsive house of finance and invested into Funds that are comprised only of corporations that have a solid track record of doing business that reflects the best interest of humans – socially and environmentally. Basically, a series of incrementally more substantial investments into suppliers we trusts and providers who provide what they say they will provide. If enough funds were siphoned – significant interest could accrue and those funds could then be administered to areas in which their usage will maximize the value of the resource allotted to it.

We need to spend our money on stuff that works, stuff that lasts, people that are alive.

I would like to know what Mr. Beck would think about a plan such as this. I am a nice person, he doesn’t need to be scared of me. Besides, we might be cousins. My phone number is 545-8321.

I did – on the first day of the Kickstarter project launch – send out a few requests to check out the link and forward it to friends who may think it is interesting, the ideas people come up with.

I think people think I take myself too seriously. Give me a break. I want to have fun and be interested in my world and try to find some lasting good in this mess that we’ve made…you can’t be too serious and expect many returns in that area.

I think that we need to start taking back our culture, we need to start being ourselves…we can’t afford to buy the selves they sell us anymore.

I am VERY frustrated with my new HP mini – I like the webcam – but I realize that if I had ever used a REAL webcam – I would be even more offended by the dysfunctionality of this new technological device I got. Really – it freezes, it aborts connections in the middle of uploads, it records audio – at times – in a way that is terribly distorted and disturbing.

This may be proof of several things:

1) ghosts are hi-tech
2) I would have made a lovely princess
3) HP mini is a total ripoff – use your camera, use your phone, use your real webcam…the mini only complicates things, in my experience. However, it will be handy for the trip to Folly thats coming up in a few days. I wonder if the clouds and ghosts will follow me. I will probably miss them if they are not there.

I wanted to introduce my back to the world (a triple entendre!) and well, this video is the entirely accidental result. I do have a more successful capture of me speaking and even singing a bit of amazing grace with my tattooed back moving just with my breath in a way that made me realize just how fine the line between grace and surreality truly is. How can humans be so ugly and so beautiful at the same time? Why does breath look like sex look like struggle…

I would appreciate any input on reasonable explanations for this ghostly intrusion into my shameless self-promotion. I am the experiment now.

Damn – there goes that damned universal simulacra again. It’s always busting.

I thought this little device would enable me to – with lightning speed and precision – post and upload and generally maximize my awesomeness in unprecedented ways. Instead – I have spent hours (literally) typing posts that became lost to connections, waiting for files to save only to find that – oh! they didn’t.

Photo and Video Capturing
You don’t need a high-end digital video camera to make fun movies, and share them with friends and family. WebCam Companion makes capturing and editing video from your webcam fast and fun. Also preview photos and videos in full screen view, add animation effects to photos, and upload to YouTube.
(eventually and with squandered efficiency not seen since the days…
of green script on grey-green screens.)

Lieslieslieslies…and I get a monthly service fee AND a two year contract. Frickin’ ridiculous. Especially from companies (HewlettPackard and Verizon) who I have – over the past few years – given A LOT of money to. It seems that they would try harder to make sure their products work the way they are presented as working. I saw that Sex and the City is debuting a line HP mini’s designed by some designer who probably wasn’t told that she was helping to sell a rip-off. However, she was probably paid handsomely, as were all the people involved in putting together the advertisements, and all the software and tech designers that figure out ways to keep the tech economy rolling…in our cash. Fricking’ ridiculous.

I am really tired. Really tired. The girl had the neighbor spend the night and they were, despite my weary pleas to just “got to sleep” – up too late. Summer vacation. Talk about disrupting the American economy.

And then what should have been a task that took just under an hour, recording a video update for my baffling Kickstarter project. Thank goodness I set it so it would run out on August 3rd. A lot of effort and very little return. However, I am getting some good stories out of it and a more specific understanding of the ways that the world is as jaded as hell.

…or maybe I am jaded?

By the way, further proof that Americans have more money than we like to admit: beer.

See, I generally make it a policy to avoid slander or libelous statement – but, who is going to hold all these tech corporations responsible for their planned obsolescence…Please watch this video VISIT THIS SITE – don’t worry, it is WAY more coherent than mine, but the music isn’t as good:) This woman has worked tirelessly to try to help us to understand the implications of our preoccupation with the latest and greatest and how our lack of mindfulness in consumption is actually HURTING PEOPLE.


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