I am still waiting for someone to call me: 8285458321…no takers yet? Fascinating.

Drawing everyday for a year has

in the end
made me realize
that everything basically looks like everything else

find the tiny toad…


Nine questions for Faith Rhyne, as issued by Hannah Harding. I wrote my responses on actual paper, with an actual pen…because it is a good way to stay human.

Hannah – I wasn’t able to answer these as comprehensively as I could…

I think the point is that I am



  1. Did you ever publicly defame the image or characterization of a infamous famous person recently or as a child in such a way that it remains with you still? How?

  1. Have you ever quit smoking? Have you ever been really sick (in general)?

  2. How did you recover?
  3. Can you touch type? Was the phone you had before this one very different? When did you learn to qwertyop so quickly on your phone? Do your thumbs get tired?

  1. Growing up, as isolated as you did, which (probably semi-popular hit) song were you exposed to that really made you think, “This is insane! What ELSE is out there?” (i.e. Men Without Hats- Safety Dance)

  2. What is the worst/question/comment/statement you have ever heard about (your own, if you like) tattoos? Which is your least interesting tattoo?

  1. Why stray from being a “mommy blogger” (to quote your blog)? What does that mean? Are any of them like your blog at all or inspiration?

How do you feel about radishes, now? (eh-hem)

  1. Does watching your children grow inadvertently blossom your own memories of being their age(s)? Are the memories mostly positive?
  2. Do you think you have the capacity for more memories than the average person?
  3. What is your furniture like? Where is it from? How many times have you moved it? Which items, in your house, are the most important things to you? Of these, they have to be able to fit in your hands or be carried by you. (I remember how strong you are, so I won’t bat an eye if it’s a piano).

My furniture is secondhand-me-down, for the most part. My parents got me a sofa set right before I started grad. school – because responsible adults like upholstered furniture?

I dropped out of grad school, but I still have the hassock. I have moved it about 8.000 miles.

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