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Faith Rhyne

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Hi Mr. Beck –

Let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Faith Rhyne and I live in Asheville, North Carolina. I am a divorced mother of two, currently unemployed, college educated high school drop out who was raised in S. Ga. I won’t go into my whole life story, because I have blogged quite a bit of it over the past year – for better or for worse. I am not thrilled with some of the pessimistic attitudes I have expressed in my writing, but they were – I suppose – part of the process of solving the problem.

I don’t know much about you, because I sort of stopped watching television when my kids were babies. Not because I was anti-tv (okay, I was a little anti-tv:) – mostly I was just too tired. When they got a little bit older, I tried to keep up with a show here or there – but, they just weren’t that interesting.

I have had a very long year Mr. Beck, and I never in my wildest dreams imagined that it would end with an email to you. I am blogger who nobody listens to, I don’t watch t.v., I hardly go shopping. I am kind of wary of people. Sounds a little dreary? Not marketable?

Well, I have written 800 pages on a Blackberry this year. I have proof at least three things 1) clouds can be the same twice, 2) if you put your phone number online, it doesn’t mean someone will call you, 3) if you come up with a solution, you should tell people about it…well, I am still in the process of proving that one.

Still not interesting enough? I have a questionable video of my full-back tattoo with audio that proves either a) ghosts exist, or b) the HP mini is a total rip-off…

I also play banjo – though not very well. I have an IQ of 141, but when I was 12 it was 151. Where the 10 points go? Who knows?

I posted some of my thoughts about your Radical Manifesto to my fb page and immediately got a raised eyebrow. See, most folks would consider my ideas to be radical…but, they really aren’t.

The most important thing that you should know about me is that I am a very nice person and I think that the rhetoric you use is sometimes divisive in a way that is counterproductive. I respect that you are speaking and acting in a way you are heartily supported for and wholly believe to be righteous. I also respect that a lot of your fans would probably think I am just a total freakshow. I’m not.

I just have a lot of tattoos from when I was younger and a tendency to forget that people don’t always know what I am talking about.

I really hope, in my heart of hearts, that you truly do want to help all the people who listen to you to feel hopeful and safe. I think sometimes that politics are made to seem more urgent and fearful than they are, to distract from inefficiency in Washington. I am in support of President Obama, because ultimately – he doesn’t have as much power as people like to think. He seems like a nice person who tried hard to do the right thing. However, keep in mind – I don’t watch much television.

I think that corporations are hurting America, Mr. Beck. You probably know this. It is not commie rant, it is simple observation. If we send money overseas every time we buy some poison toy for our kid – well, that’s not good. The American people have an enormous amount of power as consumers and I know it must be difficult for you to negotiate that truth with your Fox syndication. I really feel like anybody who genuinely wants to help Americans – ALL Americans! – will address this issue with their constituency.

It makes absolutely no sense, mathematically, how we can expect to have strong economically viable communities when we are continually pressured and conscripted to allocate our hard earned money to corporations that have little or no interest in the health or well-being of our communities. Quite the contrary, in so many well-documented cases, corporate interests are actually held above those of the citizenry.

I have no interest in self-serving dialogue, Mr. Beck. I do not wish to appear intelligent or ‘right’ – – – I just want to speak with you about how to help Americans realize how important it is that we communicate. It is time to calm down, think clearly and come up with accessible ways for communities to work together toward a common goal that doesn’t need a fancy theory…

I think people are scared, Mr. Beck. That makes me sad. I also feel like you might be incline d to laugh at me and my wanting to ‘communicate’ – what happened that people get laughed at for being nice, for caring about people you don’t have to care about. I guess nice doesn’t sell well in times like these. Actually, I am a pretty fearless advocate for things that make sense.

People think I am nuts for wanting to talk to you. Why? I think I can help your fans understand what they ought to do to feel safer. I feel like some of them might laugh at me, but a couple might not and really – the point is this – why not?

Do you think we could talk about how we might go about solving the problems in this country in such a way that we are not torn apart in the process?

Your show might not be as interesting without all the huffing and puffing – but, I do have a banjo!

It is important that you realize how deeply people listen to you. You are in a position to do an enormous amount of good and it makes me sad to see all the mud-slinging. Obama-bashing is not a solution.

I have a solution that will appeal to the Left Wing, the far left and the right-wing…it’s pretty clever, really perfect for the middle class.

Also, we may be related. I am the great great granddaughter of Judge Marcus Beck, Georgia State Supreme Court, late 1900s.

Funny how these things go, isn’t it?


Faith Rhyne


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