Wow, THIS WAS PROVIDENTIAL! As I was uploading my great new song

(which sounds a lot like some other ‘songs’ – ’tis the downfall of limited chord knowledge and a tendency to ruminate…ideas and note progressions sometimes get stuck in my head…)

Well, the first little Beck video that popped up was re: New World Order and the Piven – Cloward Strategy…


The guest sums up the situation quite well. Also, apparently Piven and Cloward already figured my solution (haha) out…of course, Glenn Beck has a knee jerk reaction to their association with Columbia University and the fact that they are conflict theorists – sort of…not so much…reality is reality. To acknowledge conflict and difficult truths in our society does not mean that one is necessarily thrilled by their existence.

Maybe Glenn Beck would see things differently if he had spent more time with poor people? Not placating them, but talking with them about what’s important. There are entire demographic groups that have been edged out of our economies – what about those folks?

Consider a google search of The Cloward-Piven Strategy, it is a simple idea. However, the value we place on the myth of the sanctity of US economic structure can make it seem blasphemous in a way. Listen, our economy is relatively new…why are we frustrating ourselves trying make something work that simply does not seem to work for a lot of people. It is remarkable how thoroughly a simple idea can be spun with the words “conspiracy theorists” –

Why is it that scientists and activists are always part of some big conspiracy to scare Americans? Being honest and realistic isn’t a conspiracy! Nobody WANTS the economy to collapse…but, it sort of is heading that way…because American citizens can’t support it anymore. So, wouldn’t it be wise to consider options for actions in the eventuality that -boom- we just can’t buy anymore?

Collapse of the economy would be, for many who have been swimming against it’s currents, sweet mercy – cut your losses, start from scratch.

We created the economic structure, we can re-create in a way that better serves us.

Why is that idea so terrifying to Glenn Beck and what would an economic collapse look like in his eyes? How would his fan base experience such a collapse?

Why is it, how is it that Mr. Beck cannot see how empowering it would be to his fans to reclaim their economy from the corporate interests that hold them in between a rock and a hard place…

Of course he sees it – but, hard to bite the hand that feeds you, isn’t it?

I would think long and hard about listening to someone who wholesale dismisses the lifework of so many economists and sociologists. The way he presents learned people, people who in many cases built their careers on diligent curiosity and an honest desire to help people in some way…well, it seems a little disrespectful.

Glenn Beck: What do you have against smart people and how is it helpful to your fans to see belligerent and dismissive attitudes expressed in regard to ideas that do not fit with your version of American Reality?

How does that solve anything?

Just wondering.

NOTE: aplogies for lack of pictures. I have gotten some very fine ones. I just am having a hard time uploading them. Also, please humor any typos/word omissions – I don’t have enormous amounts of time to edit and so please consider these to be free-writes, process and product…

Is there really anything to say?

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