The girl wants me to take a picture of the water towers that we pass. They seem so old fashioned somehow.

Pretty lame format this evening. Can’t cut the photos like I need to and – who cares?
Uploading a new song for Glenn Beck and a very quiet little statement. Pretty good song. Fairly clear statement. I like the video and the medium has given me a lot of ways to think about what happens between 3-D and 2-D…
My brother and I had a fun talk about a possible collaboration. Something about papermills involving fold-out sets and dry ice. Maybe monologues would be nice. I am, quite obviously, a fan of the monologue.
Beach is good. Hundreds of jellyfish stings reported this week. Weird, huh? The state’s ‘Black University’ (SCSU) is in some dramatic upheaval of lawsuits and presidencies. A cadet at Fort Know got hit by lightning and died. Nobody is using my forum blog. People are SO WEIRD!
This guy was all riled about it and so I told him I’d make a blog for the issue…and he sends it out and still – not one single person has used it.
SO 1984.
thietting out of hands technology snafu issue is g _ see, like I said – the cursor just jumps everywhere and I end up deleting all sorts of brilliance. Oh well. It is actually nice to have some hold ups – it gives me time to clarify my ideas about the biggest dovetail of small successes EVER. Of course, I have had absolutely NO SUCCESS in regard to this blog – unless, of course, this fabulous feeling of having tested my bridges to see how they’d burn and when I tapped on the boards and the ropes and the braces they all leapt into flame.
I have had one of the nicest-ish days I have had in a while. The children are wonderful at the wide open and unplugged beach. My brother finally cut off his dumb old mohawk and actually looks somewhat like an adult now. We age well, us Rhynes. We are not even Rhynes by blood. None of us. It was my father’s stepfather’s name.
A Rhyne by any other name…
Names are a little silly…but, not really.
I should have a fairly tidy drop-out essay on the value of reading in developing skills in flexible perspective and concept extrapolation, as well as the ways in which reading for character can be a double edged sword in it’s lessons in humanity. You get good at realizing that every character experiences a story in a different way (thank you, Don Delillo) and sometimes you might even imagine what their narrative voice is telling them.
And sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong…and sometimes, I have found, it seems that I perceive a narrative possibility dead-on…and it’s almost like I read your mind. It is more likely that I simply considered all known variables and simply ran the range of reactions to circumstance/stimuli and anticipated that which seemed most likely given what I know about you…which is extremely limited in most cases…and so I screw it up…because I realize that most people don’t really feel much about anything…or not in a way that I can feel. I have had times when I could sense a person’s genuine enthusiasm, or anger, or wonder…and it is something akin to harmonics…
It is so weird to me that – with so many people, I know they care very deeply and very sincerely about so many things, but I just FEEL nothing from them. Which I guess is normal? I mean, most people don’t go around FEELING other people, do they?
It’s like we’re just stunned or something…robots in motion at play in bed asleep
I filmed last night a very quiet little commentary about the fact that the basic mathematics of our economy do not add up. I know this, economists know this…but, I am not sure everyday folks know this. I plan on drawing up a diagram sometime soon, because the source of the problem is stunningly simple in the form of a flow chart, or – as a powerpoint might call it, a “Resource Path”
The Story of Stuff does an awesome job explaining this on a macrolevel with consideration given to the effects of globaliation on manufacturing and consumer trends. However, it is – I think time to offer all the people a clear picture of how we got into this situation. I am not drafting ideas for college professors – I am trying to think about how I could explain to ‘everyday people’ that corporations, such as those that finance Glenn Beck’s program on Fox Broadcasting are working, either by intent or cyclical economic conscription (meaning reliance on advertising to finance the production of slick programs which can then be used to showcase the advertising that feeds them so that American consumers can be passively and actively pummeled by false needs and empty claims…and then – in this time of economic ‘crisis’ we hear all this messaging about ‘Americans are spending and so the economy is poor’ – truetrue =
but what if we could improve our own quality of life by buying less plastic crap we don’t even really want anyway?
The economy is measured by looking at various indices, many of which are tied directly to corporate profit…and so we imagine that if the corporations are hurting, we are hurting. This is not necessarily true. By recognizing that we have, as consumers, an enormous amount of power – we may begin to see the possibility that in the inevitable failure of the corporate sector – because it is simply unsustainable, clearly…the land of plenty that had too much…we have the opportunity to gain more control over our economies by being mindful of the industries we support and by having higher expectations of the companies that we do business with. We have been taken advantage of and manipulated and I really think it is time we stop buying the American Dream they sell us and demand that they think long and hard about what would happen if we all stopped buying for one simple week.
I would imagine that we would like to see jobs – real ones. I would imagine that we would like to see US retailers stop contracting with overseas manufacturers. Why should we let some Malaysian kid make our kids’ shoes? That is not okay. My kids don’t want to wear shoes made by kids…of course, I haven’t talked to them in detail about the hideous disregard that Global corporations show to people in their methods of making and selling. But, they do know that Mom is not that into the aisles of pink and well-armed aisles.
I just wonder why people put up with it and what it would take to make corporations more accountable. It doesn’t even make sense. I would think that in Washington, which is so beleaguered with corporate interests it barely functional…well, I would think that they could just disallow lobbyists from corporate industries. I mean really, it is flat out ridiculous that we give neuroleptics to abused children who have anger issues. And Bud Light shows ads rank with 80s-style sexism during frickin’ Whale Wars…
oh my gosh – I just realized it is so 1984. Holy mackerel. Even American Apparel is featuring pleated pants this season. Sick. Did you know that Pandora can and does sync to your facebook profile to pull information about you based on your fb actions to customize your listening experience. And so all those likes and dislikes and shares and all of it can be tallied and interpreted to make it just right for you. Isn’t that nice? And did you know that by analyzing consumer interests and offering links or suggestions based on those interests (think about ‘People who Bought Also Bought…’) the internet is inherently biased in it’s specific presentation of your online mediated reality. So it is always pleasant…unless of course, you are doing research on online gun sales and right-wing militia propaganda online. Well, then you might end up with some odd sidebar ads for a while…I noticed that on my gmail account the ads in the sidebar actually correspond to the content of my emails. Really, if I write a long email about repairing the heater – well, then the ads in the sidebar may be re: heaters…of course it is all meaningless to the internet, right? I mean, the word ‘heater’ is just a recognizable code that is matched to an ad. How sophisticated. We have hardly even noticed the new and insidious ways that we are being ripped off.
The nice thing is, here in South Carolina, there is a fairly strong localism movement already. However, any localism can have it dark side – exclusivity and what not.
Ah, yes – almost forgot to mention…the clouds are here. It is so weird that nobody seems to notice them…well, a couple of people seemed to be studyng them…or maybe they were just studying me taking pictures of them:)
I really do wonder if they are even really there? Would someone tell a person that they were photographing an empty sky? No, that is why I photograph them…so that I can look at them later to see if what appears to be a triangle is indeed a triangle…and, yup. There are triangles…lots of triangles. How can a cloud have a triangle cut-out? So weird.

Is there really anything to say?

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