Viva la Folly!

I am not the only one!

I’m not the only one!

I am not the only one!

…did I mention that, um – I’m not the only one. The photos were taken by my new Asheville ‘Cloud Buddy’ Mr. Paul Lester. Who seems quite nice and was even nice enough to send me these cloud pictures…which I was then nice enough to offer to post..but only because they are a nice follow-up to my Dystopia Superstore post. Oh, it’s just all so nice, isn’t it?

Yes. Yes, it is.

I have actually a few emboldening – okay, reassuring – emails this past couple of days. The first was a form email from Mr. Ben Jealousy of the NAACP – noting the passage of the Fair Sentencing Act into legislation. I wrote a nice long email to my folks in Congress and told them about how smart Smokey was and that if he hadn’t had to spend so much dang time in prison for dealing crack – well, perhaps he’d have been a Congressman himself.

A perfectly lovely – if not somewhat succinct (I like my emails to be on the long and ranting side:) – sociopath has invited me to ‘tell my friends that thay are welcome at Really, she’s quite nice and has been pleasantly agreeable regarding my offer to post her link. ‘Sociopath’ has such negative connotations, and yet – as I informed her – she is more polite than most of the perfectly respectable non-diagnosable folks I have queried/said hello to/commented to –
so: viva la sociopath.

I have a huge backlog of juicy self-absorbed emails to myself to cull through as my copy/paste from gmail to blogger is not cooperating. For the best probably…I tend to be more personable when posting directly…it’s the difference between talking to yourself and conversing with strangers. Both odd ways to spend time – but, it could be far worse. I could be an awesome small talker who has no internal dialogue at all and is fearful to say more than hello to a stranger…

so: viva la atypical conversational skills

Went to an AMAZING pitch-perfect BEACH STORE – complete with afternoon sun glowing through the inflatable rafts that welcomed shoppers into the wonderworld of yesteryear circa 1986…Mr. John’s Beach Store right in beautiful downtown Folly Beach. I think I like it because the corner-entrance and the bins of flipflops and grass mats and shell decor and t-shirts and hats and sunglasses and giant inflatable alligators and flags and…all of it arranged on the sidewalk, a cornucopia of beach culture merch…well, it reminds me a lot of the beach store that was at Fernandina Beach, in N. Florida when I was a kid. Except Mr. John’s is bright-ish and smells like packing materials and the place in Fernandina was dark-ish and smelled like Sex Wax and old wood gone salty. Really not so much the same. Just the corner entrance. The place in Fernandina is looooooong gone. Some house or gas station new and shiny. Ridiculously – if it is a gas station, it probably sells all the same stuff that the beach store sold, including surf wax and popsicles. Before the beach store was a beach store it had been a gas station with a big solid awning over where the pumps once were. I’ll have to see what it is now next time I’m down there. Unless someone knows someone in Fernandina/Amelia Island that could tell me what is at the corner of Fletcher and whatever that street is that runs into it right at the beach?)

THIS c. 1986 thing at Mr. John’s IS A GOOD THING! BELIEVE ME!

They actually had cute Folly Beach long tank cover-ups ‘Made in America’ and a fine assortment of pullback VW bugs and buses, even a single pristine white dune buggy. Which I would love to post a picture of…


And books. The ood ones. Knot tying. Golden Pocket Guides reprints in original format. And the best thing was what they had behind the counter…a pleasant and patient young man who – without a single trace of a smirk – happily separated the kids last-night-at-Folly purchases into their own bags.

Even better, “Do you run into the owner of the store?” (I was going to extend my compliments for their mindful assortment of token beach store Made in China junk (that does so delight the children) and useful items like books, or sand augers for umbrellas (one of the girl’s purchases, she is looking forward to drilling holes in the yard and putting sticks in the stand) and ephemera like this:

(there should be a really great cell phone photo essay here…)

IS TOTALLY MADDENING! I can’t open my email on this silly device and chances are good that I haven’t already downloaded the pictures of the most wonderful 11.95 I have ever spent in something made…um, you know where…

Anyway – the nice patient-clerk kid was, like: “Well, yeah – my Dad. We live upstairs.”

I am soooooooooo jealous! I rarely covet anything, but I am really coveting a beachstore life at Folly. The Edge of America has always suited me.

So – I will edit this post tomorrow when I am back with my big, functional machine. In my big, dysfunctional house. I think the painting will help immensely and I am half-inclined to stop at Sherwin Williams on the way home to pick out the loveliest of light pure aqua grassy green. I have a huge amount of house energy after being away from the behemoth for a few days. Bless it’s hundred year old haunted heart…it needs to be well-washed and caulked tight.

Crossing my fingers that my house energy is still with me by the time I get home. Chances are good that the mere sight of the driveway will defeat me…kid stuff, tall grass, shovels, bags of fertiizer, feral chickens…

In the meantime – exciting new upload to

if I can get it to upload…if not, enjoy all the other exciting videos of me playing banjo and looking quite odd in expression. What? You don’t find that exciting? Well, what about me sitting in a rusted lawn chair lazily playing banjo? I am wearing sunglasses and so my expressions probably don’t seem so squirrelly-sorrowful-shrugging…with shades on, I just look…well, exciting. Or pretentious. Actually, am I confusing excitement with pretension? Hmmm…something to consider. I adjusted the contrast and brightness and didn’t preview the changes and so for the last couple minutes of the video, when I am leaning back and looking at…yes, the clouds (I was sort of getting distracted at that point in the making of the video) – well the shadow of my jaw suggests either facial hair or perhaps a strangely elongated neck and head gone somehow missing.
Check out Presents For Strangers! on it’s own page. I only managed to get a very small display set up for Bert,s and I never even got a chance to talk to the owner about putting it on their counter. I talked to the nice clerks though and I will get a better display together when I am back in Asheville. With all my supplies. Mail it proper down to the coast.
so: viva la Folly…and viva la folly…
More coming up soon…if I’ve proved nothing else, I have proved that I am relentless…even on vacation.

Is there really anything to say?

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