Steam Bender Extravaganza!

…it has been a while since I was on an every other day posting schedule, as I have – circumstantially – been this week. I have a lot of content to sift through this evening. In the meantime please feel free to peruse some of the extensive archived posts.

It makes me feel a little unsteady, thinking of the then and now. But, here we are.


…it’s been a tangly couple of days…with driving, too! Working on a solid update on the truth of the matter, the most unusual moth I have ever seen, continued cloud geometry (I realized that in addition to the angularity, the clouds have a filamentous quality that I don’t often associate with clouds. I like the clouds more now that I have resigned myself to the likelihood that they likely cannot be understood. I definitely appreciate them, they appeal to me aesthetically…very textural and unexpected.)

…sort of like me.

Is there really anything to say?

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