The Tip of the Iceberg Has Broken Off and Is Now Drifting Freely in The Frigid Sea

This is all fairly miscellaneous…and miscellaneously fair.

I think this color green is really great. It looks like the color that children see when they hear the word “grass” – – – I think it would be lovely with bright blue and yellow…and, just because I am scared the shakes will fall off if I try to paint them, brown = lots of brown.

Our house looks like chicken offage right now, all brown and white. I’d rather it look like a proud Christmas Island flag.


The best 11.95 I ever spent.

(This thing deserves it’s own post. Soon.)

Really a whimsically strange little bit of merchandise.

Very curious, isn’t it?

I’ll tell you more about it later. In the meantime, enjoy the thought of the pull-tab can of non- edible, fully intact mollusk, bathing in a 25% alcohol solution, tinted mysteriously blue. Made in, of course, good old China. However, it is stuff like this that brings out the best in Chinese manufacturing ingenuity in a way that is interesting and actually seems 1/2 way cultural, but maybe it’s weird in China, too?


In one half-hour at Hampton Park on the Charleston Peninsula, my boy and I saw three whopping huge military jets fly over…on their way to base.
Here are two of them.
I don’t know where my photo of the third one is.
All my downloads go to one huge pit of files

and so looking for planes I find old friends red-eyed and unexpected.


Holes are hollow, clouds punched through.

This was an accidental picture
taken after
I took a picture of some cloud
and was trying
to send it to myself.

These flowers grow in the sand of the dunes.
Their leaves are leathery
and they bloom luminescent
in a way that seems improbable
given the salty shards that feed them.

Here are some of the photos that were un-uploadable while I was away from the big machine.
I miss the coast. The salt makes me feel more like myself.

The air felt like sugar spun warm.

Speaking of, new shotgun method banjo song is up for your consideration. What is super excellent about this particular video is that it is tagged as having something to do with herons and so A LOT of Gil Scott Heron videos come up with it.

Is there really anything to say?

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