Songs For September 3, 2010

More songs that are not mine, but that keep showing up and so: I am co-opting them for my purpose…which is to make this the best possible day, in the ways that seem best…all things considered…respect and thanks to the makers of the music that help it all to make sense…


(I think the Saints like…um, Coldplay…? I’d never heard them much before, so the songs that kept popping up on Pandora seemed singular and oddly relevant…I noted that BP has an ad streaming on one of the videos…great…awesome…talk about surrealism…)

(These songs are actually quite lovely…they seem true-sung, for the most part…)

(They are, I think, dedications to people who might hate me…there are a couple…please know that I plan nothingI want nothing…other than the feeling in my bones to ease…)

(Don’t worry, Mom. It’s not a doctor kind of feeling – it’s a knowing kind of feeling.)

(All blessings are returned…)


(I am embarrassed for the vain.)

Is there really anything to say?

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