Um, everything is okay? No?

I think I prefer the name:

The Little American Pony.

Relax. Everything will be okay. I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY…

Nice day for a drive, isn’t it? Nope. Not so much. Stay home and wait for the questions to be answered. A thanks to Saint Paul, please. And to ALL OF EVERYTHING ETERNAL.

I am just glad things will work out eventually. Let the fixers start fixing.

It’s okay to feel hopeful. The more hope the better. There are A LOT of questions that need answering. Please don’t push any buttons…please…it is about ALL OF US…we just saved the world. Holy shit! We just saved the world. BE HOPEFUL. The fixers will fix things. The fixers will fix things. All we have to do is rest for a minute while they wrap their brains around the sound of silence. It will take a while. Let folks know…everything is okay…the fixers know how to fix things…they already did…I am, in my way – a fixer. Using available resources to make whatever good I can come about in the world. It’s pretty simple, huh? I think things will be okay.

I don’t want anything. I am just glad that there is sense. You see how much is left unanswered. I don’t have to say a single word, do I?

Turn off the pumps. Send the men home. Pay them well. Apologize to their wives for their rough hands. I really think you ought to.

If you dare try to touch a single egg in my ovaries or the ovaries of anyone I am related to…well, that’s not going to happen is it? That sick shit is OVER.

It’s that simple. In Italy, it was called The Renaissance…I prefer the term: The Big Come-Uppance. You see how strange the stories can be? Please, a moment of silence. Perhaps not now…but, soon.

They’ll work it out. We’ll all be fine. I don’t want anything. I am just glad it will be okay. I am not special. I just hid my heart. I think we all have a bit of it…all of the people. We can work together…in small ways…don’t be scared.

Mr. Beck – please help people know that it’s okay…its for kids…and for all our oldest stories, that we kill when we stop reading them and paying attention to the storytellers. We have plenty of movies to rent…PBS, handle this please. It will be a bit of a scramble for a minute…but, we are not the one’s who need to be scrambling.

I live right by a middle school…if the Navy wants to bomb me, they’ll kill a bunch of kids. If the Army wants to test me…they’ll kill a bunch of kids. Work it out folks. Respect me. Respect yourselves and the God that lifts your heart to the highest good. Sing a song or weep. I think I just saved the world.

Now please, be respectful of my town and my home and my family. I am not a spectacle. I am just a girl who paid attention and ran with it…and ended up proving to herself something that she knew in her bones all along…

YAY! We don’t have to be quite so scared? I am still a little scared. But I trust that we have sense…I will be happy to help…but, I think I have done more than my share for now.

I would like all interrogations of CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security Officials to be taped for posterity. And recorded. And written down on paper. How in the world did this ever happen? Assholes, I figured out God and I told you…FBI Charlotte…IT COULD HAVE BEEN ANYTHING.

Don’t worry about my little family. Mom might’ve just saved the world from the total maniacs that have been running it. Not the President, not government in and of itself. It’s that old devil…The Military Industrial Complex…you’re welcome, Mr. Eisenhower.

I am proof of, if nothing else…better start asking questions folks…appreciate that. It will all be okay. Better from now on.

I feel safe.

This is not a conspiracy. Consider it a fortunate turn of events that resulted in what might ought to be termed…divine intervention? Or just a lesson in mindfulness? Please just stay calm.
We can fix it. People have been trying to fix it. But, they can’t because of misdirected resources. Protect us, but be sure the threat is real.

There is no threat in love and fair-minded sense…

“Tell them: Your mom might’ve just done something amazing.”

And if you dare touch a hair on their heads or take them anywhere this town will…oh, we don’t have to worry about that sort of nonsense anymore? Good.

Is there really anything to say?

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