Ah – friends. Who needs em?

My response…

Relax. I don’t want anything from you. There are no identifying factors. You will be fine. It’s really quite important. Please stay calm. When the questions get asked. It will be fine. Don’t be scared. It will be fine. I am good. I think it will be okay? Please I hope it will be okay.

Damn. I feel like it will be okay? Oh man…

Just go do what you were going to do…as long as it makes sense…I just wanted to see how you were. I’ve had a pretty rough summer. It’s okay. I don’t even care anymore.

I am…now: scared again. I am not Jesus…what the hell? That is freakin’ ridiculous…can we please just focus for a minute and let the explainers start explaining. DON’T ASSUME THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING.

This is not a revolution. I am alone in my house and really, it’s turning into a fascinating experiment in what happens when people tell the truth as they see it. Calmly. Thoughtfully. With good intention.

Well, in Modern America – much like the FUCKING MIDDLE AGES…apparently, you are outcast. Man. Work it out people. I am going to relax. Before you start blabbing to milk the last little bit from the tit of American consumerist culture…I’d advise you to CHECK YOURSELF.

See, you don’t even know what I am talking about. You’re terrified. Just relax and feel hopeful that sense will prevail. I am okay. We are okay.

It’s huge…believe me I know. Talk to the explainers…

It’s just electricity. Telekinesis and an old sense of conscience. Whatever. Just stay calm. Fear is what undoes our sense. Just be calm. YOUR WORLD IS OKAY.

See? Now you’re like – oh man…is she an alien? God, how did we get so fucking stupid? Please just read the damn thing. It’s pretty ridiculous actually. Sorry if I offend anyone. I tried to be a bit offensive…when I realized that people don’t seem to have much use for niceness.

Still, nobody has explained ANYTHING to me. Other than that I am not to contact them. Okay. Isn’t that a shame?

People who were my friends are totally flipped out…don’t be. I thought I explained it fairly well. There is no reason why this has to be a snarling shit storm. I am just scared. I wanted help explaining why I felt so scared…I tried to find help in a lot of different places…and then it turned out to be quiet simple…quite simple.

I know it will be WEIRD for a while. It’s okay…people will start looking around and talking and remembering all the good people they have known and maybe it will be okay. Maybe not. I sort of felt like I had to tell someone.


Is there really anything to say?

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