By the way, the really ‘crazy’ stuff is back in late June and July, and early September, when I started to figure it out. There are plenty of pictures in those posts, as well…

I just wish someone would explain it. Or at least tell me there is nothing there and back it up with an explanation of how I can photograph the semblance of something there if there is nothing there?

It’s like everyone who has ever read this blog assumes that I am, like, joking…or that someone else will deal with me…?

Somebody needs to address this issue. Now.

(Watch. Nothing will happen. This is about the 20th time I have basically demanded that someone do something or tell someone or just write me and at least tell me I am mistaken and explain to me why…not one single person has. Not one. Isn’t that remarkable? Sociologically speaking, it’s truly amazing…but, not so much…people are a little confused about social responsibility. What is also amazing is that if I am correct in my assessment of the situation, some fool will try to shut down this blog…which, given all the hateful messaging out there, would be a blatant violation of my civil rights, so don’t even try it.)

Is there really anything to say?

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