It is unfortunate, for some, that my heart is oriented so strongly to doing the right thing. I figured it out, folks. I am pretty sure I know how it works, how it has always worked…and how our connections are damaged and our minds and hearts get distracted from everything that is real and in our hands.

People know about this. They have for years, centuries probably…millenia? I don’t know their names, because I haven’t done much research at all. I wanted to understand it in my own true way, work out the equation myself.

The asking for explanations was and is just part of an adjunct project – one that was inspired by the baffling antipathy I had begun to notice…

I admit, I don’t know what it all means and how the pictures fit into the stories, but I know that they do and that is something that will be reckoned with (soon) in ways sensible and reconciliatory.

I think that perhaps a few of the reasons that people just let this blog go unnoticed are:

1) You think I am nuts. Whatever, some folks will think that. Some folks already do. Like I said, it reflects more poorly on them than it does me.

2) You believe violence will ensue. It is possible that violence will ensue…I would strongly prefer that it not – that’s sort of the complete opposite of what I have been encouraging.

However, some people are entrenched in self-serving power structures that impel them toward violence.

It is a sad fact of human existence…we are a violent species in ways that are unique and horrific.

It would be wise to think about the possibility that violence may be remedied rather than spurned. I have been mindful in writing this and people ought to be mindful in reading it.

3) You are embarrassed to know me. Whatever.

4) You are worried for me. Whatever. It’s fine. My walking and talking life has been stripped quite bare lately and so…like I said, it’s fine. I’m fine.

5) You don’t believe me. Why?



…and if you feel doubtful, just go listen to the radio…people are, it seems, trying to turn music into something awakening and empowering again…this has happened before…again and again…and, every time, it gets undermined and distorted and people are pitted against each other and exhausted by trying to measure up or run away…I think all of us are ready for things to just make sense…all you have to do is listen to the radio and even the country music stations play new songs about remembering old ways and simple truths…it will all be okay…

Really, go listen to your hit radio stations and your NPR stations and your independent radio…if nothing else it will take your mind off of that weird lady in North Carolina that seems to think she has it all figured out.

It’s funny, in a way. I AM CERTAIN that everything will break clean soon.

I have been uncertain my entire life, but now I am quite certain.

That’s not delusion.

That’s Faith.

If you think I have lost focus on my children – you are wrongwrongwrong…all I have ever wanted is to not have to worry that the world they are living in is going to hurt them or trick them or callously break their hearts with slow violence…

Really, it’s pretty simple.

Someone had to do something, right?


Is there really anything to say?

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