Oh, by the way – don’t worry about ‘Subvert City’ – – – just keeping myself busy while my life fell apart.

If you listen, it says that ‘spray paint heroes are quick to fall’ – that means that big talking fakers don’t do anything other than glorify themselves and instigate misunderstanding.

I have no interest in subverting anything, unless – of course – it is a systemized and oppressive regime that perpetuates evil and misunderstanding…in the clear criteria of human life or habitat lost or diminished…

In that case, well…um, yeah…but, no – I am not trying to overthrow anything…don’t even try to pin that on me. I’m not an idiot. Even in my musing that perhaps I might be somewhat idiotic…well, it is good to admit to the gaps in our understanding.

It is how we learn.

By trying our best and admitting when we might be wrong.

By the way, I still am quite certain that I am correct.

Is there really anything to say?

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