retrospective 2

These are all old photos, taken with my cell phone camera in late June and early July.

And they do sort of look like clouds, except I took a picture of this same ‘h’ shape a couple of weeks ago and, also – if I recall correctly – in Charleston.

The forms were so close to the earth, sometimes it seemed they weren’t even a part of the sky…which, I suppose, they weren’t.

In the end, it doesn’t have much to do with ‘smart’ – it just has to do with sense and goodness and making the most of our little stories. It has to do with light and shadow and what we choose to see and what we choose to invest our belief in.

I am still uninformed about a lot of details, but I know that some of us are like lightning rods and some of us breathe more deeply than others and that, in some of us, is written an old code that drives us to distraction in this brief new world.

I know we have souls and that, sometimes, when we are hurt…well, they rise up fighting and gasping for air…but, we have minds as well and our minds are as important as our hearts. The Pastor at the Varick today spoke about the importance of saving our minds and not being content with just a restoration of spirit.

We can believe in the power of belief all we want, but unless we repair our minds and reclaim our bodies as vessels for everything old and good…well, what’s the point?

Nobody said it is easy.

Is there really anything to say?

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