These are a couple of pictures from the past couple of days.

There are inner workings at the edges…

They seem to be lit from within.

Everywhere there probably were people who understood in their bones, at the base of their spines…in each population and in every colony…each group had their own way of understanding and made their own sense of the power…and a lot of us have misused our understanding and thought that it gave us privilege…and I am my own little colony now…a group of one…and I don’t want anything other than for ALL children to have a better world to grow up in and I want my children to be able to come home…

(And I guess I want some sort of life that doesn’t feel quite so full of flaming hoops to jump through and narrow crevices that catch my feet and ugly dismissive language about chemicals and illness and I want to be treated like an adult, because frankly – I am an intelligent, kind and harmless person who is generally has good judgment, but who admittedly quit her job, got big ideas and was kind to strangers. When people who claim to care surround me in a familial culture of fear and doubt and mistrust and second-guessing threats…well, to be quite frank, THAT makes me unwell…to be treated as such would make anyone unwell and no dubious ‘diagnosis’ on this planet gives anyone a right to be condescending to me, or cruel to me, or threatening to me. I will not stand for it.)


Historically, if I recall correctly from my community college Western Civilization course, all the different old ways of knowing the same thing were dismissed by the writers of history and destroyed when the fleeting human interests of profit and power took hold of our hearts…and they used stories of old miracles to work new evil and it still just goes on and on…as if we never learn a thing…

Since all those triangular clouds weren’t sufficient,
here is a square
or a diamond…
It depends on how you look at it.

…these two are for the Pacific Northwest and old friends…

We never really had the missing pieces, but I am fairly certain that I understand how it works and it breaks my heart that the people who are written in their bones to understand…well, we just don’t fit and so we are destroyed or dismissed…it just goes on and on, doesn’t it?

Is there really anything to say?

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