small miscellany and observation

Doesn’t it seem strange that the division between gods and sciences has become so profound that it seems to not have occurred to us – as a collective global culture – the fact that just because we can explain a few causal points of, for example hurricanes…we know how they work, but we usually don’t think much about why things settle and build and rise and spin in just the way they do and in just the proper ways to create massively destructive storms. There are a lot of factors involved, wind, sun, air pressure, water temperature, sunlight, cloud formation and self-sustaining movement…

Well, doesn’t it seem just completely illogical that all these complex factors that spin us through our centuries are just somehow dumb accidents . . . I mean really, we are surely smart enough now to know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…oh, wait – we knew that hundreds of years ago – so why do we not see that nothing is simply happenstance and that potential energy can become kinetic energy as a child’s arm rises to point at a cloud and the smallest breeze begins.

I mean, it just seems like we seem to be taking a lot for granted, considering how little we know about all the small electrically scented ways that the Earth sends its signals around, about where all the heavy last breaths of air go and why the limbs go limp so quickly when we die – where does that air go, what does it carry? And the Earth produces it’s own small vibrations at all times and they probably travel through the oceans in a way very similar to the vibrations produced by the singing of whales.

Speaking of, here’s a video of some more old July clouds…

(If you want to hear the full five minutes or so of the ‘song’ you can visit * still sparse, but adding to it bit by bit…experimenting.)

What about tidal waves? How remarkably complex a series of microevents must take place to build a wave so big?

Viruses are easy, simple structures of viral DNA…an evolutionary piece of cake in the life of a macroorganism the size of planet Earth.

I actually first got the idea of chemical, electrical, pheromonal, and sonic connections between species when I used to sit on the bottom step of the front steps and smoke cigarettes. I have a Corylus Avellana (Contorted Hazelnut) growing right down there and, above it, Virginia Creeper grows in an old, overgrown privet hedge.

Virginia creeper grows pretty freely, hence the name. It grows all over the privet and all over the stairs and all over the fence, but it never lays a single leaf on the Hazelnut. It was as if there were a force field surrounding the plant and the vines would sometimes drop an errant runner into the space, but it just hung there – no vining, no twining…

I thought, “Hmmm, that’s weird.”

And then I thought about how we had a near quarter acre of kudzu beside our house and how we tried a quick fix of dumping concentrated Round-up right onto a solid junction of roots, expecting the poison to seep through the plant by all those underground channels. We went out to run errands, and driving home I was almost giddy at the thought of dead kudzu. Except it wasn’t dead…it was totally fine…except for one mildly wilted segment…totally fine.

I learned later that if the kudzu is under distress it closes it’s stomata and slows down its metabolism.

It shuts down until the threat is gone.

The only way to kill it is to cut off the crowns, there can be as many as twelve in a square foot. It took almost two years of dull-ish, quiet afternoons to get almost all of it. There are still a few crowns that are hidden in the heavy roots of the privet hedge and I let them vine a little. The praying mantis’ seem to like to make their egg cases around it.

In other news…

My hedgehog, Hildie, is lost. She escaped from her habitat and is nowhere to be found.

I haven’t looked everywhere though.

Is there really anything to say?

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