part 2 (see earlier post for points of clarification and reflection, i.e. part 1)

Okay, so maybe your job isn’t pointless. I think work (paid or unpaid) is good, that is why I have – in spite of my better interest – always tried to maintain employment in addition to volunteering.

I was told a couple of month’s ago that to be “willfully unemployed” set a “horrific example” to my children. The issue of the circumstances surrounding my unemployment will only be fully understood by me, but I was completely aware of how sadly ridiculous it was that I actually ended up weeping and begging the boss to fire me…and I was laughing at myself as I did it, because – what the hell?

I liked my job and didn’t find it pointless at all.

I guess the only really pointless jobs out there are those of corporate lobbyists, marketing executives, and overpaid pundits. We pay them. By buying overpriced goods – say, for example, psychiatric medication – we fund the paychecks to the slick suited folks who nag and bargain for the laws to be in corporate favor.

Or we get another silly mopping device so that the mop company can pay for overpriced advertising to sell more mops and so we actually pay to refinish the pundits’ shiny studios and we pay for their escorts and fancy meals so they can blather on and on

(this video actually is a brilliant reinforcement of my point…except they aren’t talking about the enormous pressure that is put on actual people…while the pundits and the capital partners are quite comfy in their definition of ‘within means’ – old people and young people and all sorts of actual people are struggling and have been for a very long time.)

All the New American Workers are scrambling to try to do their part to keepitgoingkeepitgoingkeepitgoing or we are settled and blinded by poverty or comfort…I simply do not understand why the people who are in charge of it all let us, let our kids (who are actually quite fond of things like polar bears and oceans, because they haven’t yet learned to not give a damn)…bear the brunt and take the fall.


In regard to social isolation…whatever…I grew up in the woods. We went to town on Tuesdays. I don’t get bored and so why pay thirty dollars to see Angelina Jolie make 2 million? People didn’t used to have be always doing or watching something.

I knew that people were appraising my wellness when someone said, “Oh, it’s good to see you out.” What the hell? I go out everyday, in some small way. I just don’t want to stand around and drink wine and blather on and on and on about the dullest shit ever.

I’d rather stay home and take pictures of cats…

She is a cat from the Katrina aftermath.
My boy, at age 3, suggested that her name be ‘Little Grace’
“Oh, Gracie is a nice name.”
“No,” he said, “Little Grace.”

We call her Gracie anyway.

Oh, and by the way, in addition to mercurial…well, shall we say ‘calmly hyperprolific’ ?
Yes, we shall.

Oh, and by the way, I am quite aware that some may consider this to be ‘ranting’ and I am also aware that I am mindfully writing it from a perspective of compassionate analysis and so if you want to hold issue with that. well…okay.

Is there really anything to say?

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