There is no soundtrack. There is nothing to say. All I did was go stand outside and look up and the vapors started arranging themselves in the strange way that they do, geometry and birds and shapes too sharp for clouds.

I probably won’t update again tonight. I need to try to crochet scarves for my kids Christmas. They don’t care about scarves, but I told them I would…a couple of years ago, in fact…and so I guess I ought to at least try.

I need to go find some friends. The only problem with that is the fact that, at this point, I am wary as hell in regard to people and I believe that there is a strong possibility that if one more person treats me like something they can just box away…well, chances are good that I’ll split the damn sky wide open…probably in some way that only I will be able to see and feel…because so many folks don’t seem to see or feel even the most obvious truths.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. I wish that everyone could just come home. I wish that I never had to see another legless Vietnam Vet begging for change. I wish I had known my great-great uncle. I wish that Anne Frank had had other things to write about.

I wish war didn’t exist.

Note the sacrum and the double helix ribbon…the sacrum is the triangular bone at the base of our spines, through which some major nerves are threaded…it is part of the puzzle that is us…

This is a quick walking-down-the-stairs
self-portrait from this afternoon.
I am a regular person.
Sort of.

I do the best I can.

Is there really anything to say?

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