I really had no idea that the world is falling apart to the extent that it is. I shouldn’t listen to the radio. I am seriously disappointed in the President, who really seemed like a good guy…so, what the hell with the pandering to the super-rich?

He said he wouldn’t do that. I remember, he said it right here in Asheville.

I heard him.

I am so sick of haters and liars. Apparently, there is some talk of armed militia movements…
Gee, that’s great. Very reassuring.

The solution is so simple…we all just have to stop.

Okay, maybe that’s not so simple.

At the very least, the militia movements may want to consider targeting the corporations that play puppeteer with our government…rather than the government itself…just a thought.

Perhaps we should lay down the guns and just stop buying what we are sold until we see some promise of a return: better wages, insurance, time for our families, new jobs in a revived manufacturing sector…dignity. Support for our schools and communities in ways that don’t require our children to beg us to buy the cheapest plastic frozen pizza for it’s boxtops…

“Our school needs them.”

What the hell?


By the way, I have been doing some significant thinking about the sacrum, our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and, of course, stingrays.

Of course.

Other things, too. Job applications, dream function, how weird it is that our lives are all so different…

We all live in our own little worlds, don’t we?

Is there really anything to say?

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