Quickly, as I have to go and fill out a job application prior to addressing all the other hoops I have to jump through today:

I woke up clear-headed with the realization that I have compiled a body of evidence that should prompt us to re-consider our understanding of…well, a lot of things…and in spite of my efforts to inform people, in spite of my efforts to document as clearly as possible given the limits of my skill and comprehension…well, nobody cares and this story isn’t told because it doesn’t fit.

Vital pieces of the puzzle are tossed aside beside they no longer fit in the construction we have made…and that, my hypothetical friends, is a damn shame.

It is sad as hell to me to realize that if I were to cease to be in body, well people would be all over this, because it makes a better story if someone dies.

Well, f* that…I’m not going anywhere.

Start at the beginning or the middle…wherever…there are ghosts throughout.

Is there really anything to say?

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